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In Season Gifts They'll Rave About

Published November 20, 2018

1. DraftPour Fizzics’

The Fizzics’ DraftPour is a portable beer tap that will dramatically improve the quality of bottled and canned beer. It uses micro-foam technology to improve the flavor, taste and mouth-feel of any carbonated beer. The DraftPour is lightweight and durable; perfect for outdoor activities, camping, tailgating, etc. It operates on only 2 AA batteries. Fizzics’ Waytap looks beautiful sitting on your kitchen counter, and it is available in top trendy colors carbon (black), rust (copper) and ice (white). $129.99


2. Rabbit Charger Duo

Rabbit Charger® is the first charger that secures to any standard duplex outlet, has a retractable 28″ charging cable that gets rid of clutter, and has swappable charging tips for your Android (Micro USB and USB-C) and Apple iOS devices. Better still, it can simultaneously charge two devices with one cable while delivering up to 3.0 amps to each charging tip. That’s plenty of power for even the biggest phones and tablets! Rabbit Charger is safe, quick, and simple to install. There is no electrical expertise required to install, and it only takes 15 seconds. Once installed the Rabbit Charger is always there… No more lost or missing chargers. The ambient light activates with a tap of the logo on the side to give whatever room it’s in a pleasing soft glow to find your way. $49.95


3. Double Sided Cloud Throw The Northwest Company

Take a nap in the clouds with this Officially Licensed NFL “Home Field” Cloud Throw by The Northwest Company. The front of this double-sided, 50”x 60” throw shows off your favorite football team’s logo, helmet, and established year. The back is a plaid print that matches your team’s colors. Bring this throw, with whip-stitch binding, to the game and everyone will want to cuddle up next to you!


4. Dry SKin Set OZNaturals

As the cold weather approaches, OZNaturals offers a Dry Skin Set for all winter skincare needs. The collection offers effective and affordable products that combine the power of nature with the very best of science. OZNaturals has furthered their commitment to "natural" and the environment by utilizing a manufacturing system called Cold Processing, which eliminates the use of heat or petrochemicals in the formulation process. OZNaturals Skincare Collection includes cleansers, exfoliators, masks, toners, serums, moisturizers and eye treatments for daily skin care regimens. $137.60


5. HPA® Lanolin Minis Lansinoh®

While Lansinoh® HPA® Lanolin Minis is traditionally known to help soothe sore nipples from breastfeeding, it also has a variety of beauty benefits that make it a must-have staple for a makeup bag. This all-purpose beauty hack is perfect for women always on the go. Uses include lip care, cuticle care, brow gel and conditioner, healing dry feet and heels, and even soothing nicks and razor burn from shaving! $10.99



The portable device combines a slim, lightweight shield with a built-in alarm, a mobile app with a GPS-enabled locator and messaging center, and a 24/7 response center which contacts local authorities when prompted. Users can also create a circle of seven friends and family who will be instantly notified if you’re in trouble! $99


7. Tile Pro Tile

The most powerful Bluetooth tracker on the market, the newly released Tile Pro has a 300 foot Bluetooth range to help you keep track of what matters most. Great to save time and money for when you’re rushing out the door or constantly losing your kids’ stuff. Available online at Tile.com and Amazon. $35


8. Smart Lock Pro + Connect August

August is a retrofit smart lock that allows you to lock, unlock and monitor your front door right from your phone, giving you increased control and peace of mind over home security. The August Smart Lock Pro + Connect bundle grants remote access, great to let the dogwalker, delivery personnel or family/friends in while you're away. Available online at August.com and Amazon.


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