In Season Gifts That Will Make Their Eyes Light Up

Published November 19, 2018

1. Kinetic Sand Slime

Kinetic Sand, the squeezable and mess-free sand kids can’t get enough of, just got a gooey upgrade. Spin Master introduces Kinetic Sand Slime, available exclusively at Walmart! The Sand Slime Lab has everything you need to make your own super slimy and sandy fun - mess-free, of course. Add drops of color to transform slime from red to blue or mix in more Kinetic Sand to change up the texture. You can even use arts and crafts from around the home, like glitter, beads and googly eyes, to make a truly one-of-a-kind slime creation! Kinetic Sand Slime is guaranteed to entertain for hours as kids stretch, squeeze and squish. $9.99

2. Healthy Meal Set Miniware

Forget melamine kids’ dishes with distracting cartoon characters and instead go natural with Miniware – sustainable tableware for ‘minis’ ages 4 months and up. The line offers unique self-feeding features, transitions from baby to toddler and older, is made from eco-friendly materials like bamboo fiber, and is dishwasher-safe.

3. Delux Street Track Bundle Modarri Cars

Build your own street-styled race track! This kit has incredible value, featuring 20 pieces of soft yet durable foam track, an assortment of racing accessories, and a car with an additional hood and fender for extra customization! $69.99

4. PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue

Complete with an entirely new line of rescue vehicles, PAW Patrol’s Ultimate Rescue also includes the biggest PAW Patrol team vehicle yet with their Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck that holds all six pups. With all the newest vehicles, Ryder and his team are ready to take on even more exciting adventure – and you can play right along with their missions. PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue is available now at Target, Walmart and Amazon. $59.99

5. Hot Wheels™ 50th Jumbo Megamat™

Start your engines and drive into the action-packed, high speed, thrilling world of Hot Wheels™ on this special 50th Anniversary edition Megamat™! This full color foam mat with exciting scenes comes with a collectible poster featuring the top Hot Wheels™ stunt vehicles over the last 50 years.

6. Color Rocketbook

The Color notebook brings the time-honored drawing experience to the mobile generation. Create colorful drawings with crayons, markers and colored pencils, then instantly send or save them using a mobile device and the Rocketbook App. The Color works with the entire Crayola line of dry-erase products. Many other brands work, too. However, the Crayola line is safe for children. $22

7. Calm Mind Kit

The Calm Mind Kit is a give-back toy that contains everything you need to introduce mindfulness and meditation to your little ones in a playful way. Designed to be used by ages 3 to 103, the kit teaches techniques that can benefit fidgety 4 year-olds, anxious 2nd graders, and even mama after a long day! The Calm Mind Kit has been created by childhood development and wellness experts to provide children with a variety of tools for emotional development and well-being that will help them learn how to focus, self-regulate, and build confidence. Made in the U.S.A., each kit contains three handcrafted toys, and a deck of Calm Mind Activity Cards that highlight how to use the toys in a variety of meditation, movement and breathing exercises. These exercises have been developed to support a growing child’s social and emotional skills, which are vital tools they need to live connected, authentic, and happy lives. $75

8. Grabease

Grabease features a choke-proof barrier preventing toddlers and babies from choking. The utensils are designed to promote proper hand grasp and help your babe strengthen pincer grasp, hand strength, and improves fine motor skills. Made in the USA from a certified plastic that is dishwasher safe and completely free of phthalates and BPA. Available in assorted colors, these adorable sets make the perfect stocking stuffer!

9. STASH Folding Kids Chair

The STASH chair is a comfortable sofa chair that folds into an ottoman seat and also sports a hidden storage compartment for toys, books and much more. Kids will enjoy using the hidden compartment to store their favorite belongings. The STASH chair serves as a multi-use storage chest, seat and an ottoman all in one. Comes in 3 different colors: Navy Blue, Pirate Black, Princess Pink. Available on and Amazon. $149.99

10. Soap Caps

These toppers stretch over the top of soap dispensers – when pressed to dispense soap into a child’s hand a timer starts and music and lights are activated for 20-25 seconds, prompting the kids to spend an optimal amount of time washing their hands.There's a Santa cap, Team Clean baseball cap topper or Smiley/Winky emoji Happy Caps. $4.99

11. Pix Perfect

Perfect encourages STEAM education by begging kids to use their artistic right brain to generate more creative and innovative thinking. Simply insert the pegs into the panel and hang colorful sequins to create your own Pix Perfect masterpiece. You can create characters, logos, 8-bit designs and more. And, when you're ready for a change, the reusable pixels can easily be replaced to create new designs.The kit comes complete with more than 8,500 pieces in 20 colors (you only need about 575 to create a single piece), a 1’ x 1’ panel, a black mounting canvas with mounting screws to hang on the wall and a design booklet with more than 50 design ideas and patterns. $49.99 and up

12. Silent Beacon

The Silent Beacon is a wearable, wireless device (panic button) that connects to smartphones, tablets and other compatible Bluetooth™ devices to reach loved ones, 911 or an ambulance in an emergency situation. It also sends your GPS location. With one touch you can send text messages, push notifications, email and voice calls to your pre-stored emergency contacts inside the Safety App. The Patent pending two-way communication system allows you to talk directly into the device, call 911, has a 72 hour battery life, multiple alert methods, speaker mode, LED and audio notifications, water resistant, lost key finder, 1-year warranty and is IOS and Android compatible. The silent mode allows you to call for help without tipping off those around you. Silent Beacon is used by real estate agents, teachers, group homes, universities along with their students and parents. It is also great to use for solo travel or to use after a car accident if you have limited mobility. Never worry about false alerts. To activate you need to press two indented buttons, and the device also vibrates with red LEDs lights that flash. The Silent Beacon app is free, and there are no monthly fees. $89.99