In Season August 2012

Warm and creative ways to celebrate the month's holidays.

Samantha Chan

Bracelet Buddies

On August 5, encourage youngsters to celebrate Friendship Day by making friendship bracelets, which were invented by Central and South American natives. They would share them with their dearest companion, who would then make a wish. When the accessory was worn through and fell off, the wish was rumored to come true. For bracelet pattern ideas, log onto

Quality Time

Honor Family Fun Month by finding ways to spend some extra quality time with the ones you love. Make it a priority to put down your cellular phones and gaming devices and get together for go for a walk, game night, a day trip, a family meal or any other delightful jaunt.

Get S’more

Explore different ways to make the s’more— a campfire classic. On August 10, National S’more Day, try something new! Perhaps add raspberries between the chocolate and the marshmallows for a tangy, sweet addition. No graham crackers? use cookies instead. A plethora of possibilities are at your fingertips at

Chill Out

Don’t let August 15 pass you by. National Relaxation Day is every parent’s excuse to hit the spa or get an indulgent massage. Can’t get away? Light some candles, grab some bath salts and soak away your stresses.

Love in the Middle

Pay homage to the middle child in your family on August 15. Let the honoree choose what’s for dinner, the flick for movie night or the activity for game time. Have fun today with your middle child at the helm!

Beach Memories

Build a sand casting craft, courtesy of, to forever remember summer 2012.

Materials: •Plaster of Paris •Sand •Large paper clip or piece of wire •Beach treasures, like shells •Coffee can •Paint stir stick

What To Do: Find a spot at the beach where the sand is left undisturbed for at least an hour. Make a bowl-like hole in the sand about 1-inch deep. You may need to add a bit of water so the sand sticks together. Press your beach treasures into the sand hole with the nicer side toward the sand. Mix up a batch of Plaster of Paris in the coffee can, following the manufacturer’s directions. Carefully, spoon the plaster into the hole. To make a hanger for the sand casting, stick the paper clip or piece of wire into the plaster after it has started to firm up just a little bit. Once it dries, dig out the sand casting. Brush off the extra sand and then gaze at this lovely decoration!

Tasty Delight

When life gives you lemons, celebrate with Lemonade Day on August 20! Open up a stand, hand it out to neighbors or sip and enjoy the late summer weather.

Fresh Start

Everyone argues and gets upset. However, when August 25 rolls around, make an effort to create peace. Get a fresh start with someone with whom you or your family is quarrelling as the day brings about Kiss-and-Make-Up Day! This is a great way to say au revoir to the dog days of the year.

Pinpoint Focus

Before your child hits the school books, help build his focus, patience, coordination and commitment with My First Sewing Book (Palmer/Pletsch) for ages 7-11. The tome comes as part of a kit and includes two sets of pre-cut felt shapes, three yards of crochet threads and 43 patterns for additional projects. Order a copy at

This column appeared in the August 2012 issue.