Health September 2011

The latest healthcare options for your clan's well-being.

Alanna Weissman

Veg Out

Ann Gentry, esteemed vegan chef to the stars, compiles nutritious recipes that even kids adore in her new cookbook Vegan Family Meals (Andrews McMeel). With delicious, affordable options for every meal of the day, the cookbook is sure to be a hit with the whole family— carnivores included. For details and to purchase, head to

On Track

Keep tabs on your kids with TekTrak, a bestselling application for smartphones that allows you to view your child’s movements in real time. The app was used by a Japanese couple to track their daughter’s progress home from school in the wake of March’s devastating earthquake, providing peace of mind even when a phone call was unfeasible. The app can also be used to find a cell phone in case of loss or theft. Learn more at and download from the iTunes App Store.

Bully Be Gone

Eric Jay’s book Jug-a-ro-mack-a-la-lulu-e-quack-a-la-lulu-e-zack-a-la-lulu-o-pippin and the Bullies of Badgersville (CreateSpace) empowers children to overcome bullying through the story of the title character, who is teased because of his name. Though initially upset, Jug learns to prevail against bullying in positive ways. Buy it on to keep your kids safe this school year.

Better Brushing

Arm & Hammer motivates children to have good toothbrushing habits with its battery-powered Spinbrush toothbrushes. The Arm & Hammer Spinbrush My Way! comes with more than 100 waterproof stickers geared toward either boys or girls. The Arm & Hammer Spinbrush GLOBRUSH comes in three styles and features a built-in timer for proper brushing and flashing lights that tweens dig. The toothbrushes are sold at and local drugstores.

Step One

Healthy Steps by Jokari is making it easy to ensure you and your family members get the nutrition you all need. The line of kitchen tools helps measure out perfect portions of each food group, aiding in weight management and showing the proper servings of different food groups. Get the kitchen tools as well as nutrition tips at

Weigh Your Options

Parents often struggle with raising self-confident children in a society that puts great emphasis on physical appearances. Dr. Robin J. A. Silverman’s Good Girls Don’t Get Fat: How Weight Obsession Is Messing Up Our Girls and How We Can Help Them Thrive Despite It (Harlequin) strives to aid parents in instilling a positive self-image in their daughters. Educate yourself and empower your children by buying the book from

Spark Safety

The Wet Circuits Power Strip eliminates the common, and often deadly, household danger of accidental electrocution. The four-outlet power strip is water resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The strip prevents fires by automatically discontinuing the electric current when it senses overheating. The outlets themselves are designed to prevent sparks and have a “Touch Protection” feature, meaning that when kids put foreign objects in the outlet it does not cause an electric shock. To purchase, log onto

Vital Vitamins

Entice your tykes to take their vitamins with Hero Nutritionals’ award-winning Yummi Bears gummy vitamins, which now come in a sugar-free version. The vitamins have become such a hit with kids that the company makes fruit-flavored Slice of Life gummy vitamins for nutritionally minded adults. Have a taste at

Mane Perfection

L’Oreal’s new Tendresse Kids tear-free and eco-friendly products offer salon care to children’s delicate strands. Serie Nature Tendresse Shampoo and Leave-in Detangler are made with 100-percent natural fragrances and colors while remaining free of parabens and sulfates. To soften and invigorate your little one’s hair, purchase Tendresse Kids at

Tooth Trouble

From the trusted Orajel brand comes Baby Orajel Naturals, which provides teething pain relief free of benzocaine, dye and alcohol. The secret? Clove oil, an essential oil that functions as a local anesthetic to relieve sore gums. Learn more at and buy at a drugstore near you.

This column appeared in the September 2011 issue.