Health October 2013

The latest healthcare options for your clan's well-being.

Kristan Morley

All-Natural Food Coloring

Artificial food coloring is known for being unhealthy for your children. Nature’s Flavors is now offering Natural Colors food coloring. Offered in a variety of hues, Natural Colors are kosher, vegan, gluten free, and free of artificial ingredients and additives. For perfect use in all of your cooking adventures, Natural Colors are made to keep your children healthy and happy. Visit for more information.

Oldie but a Goodie

CamelBak’s Eddy water bottle has undergone a cap redesign. For a faster flow and more durability, the Eddy bottle is still 100-percent BPA free. It comes equipped with a patented flip top to preventing spilling. The bottle is also dishwasher safe and comes in three different sizes with a loop handle for easy carriage and storage. Stay hydrated wherever you are and check out

Family-Owned Farm

Devoted to health and wellness, Lundberg Family Farms offers a long list of rice products great for every brood. It offers more than 150, whole grain rice products, including organic and gluten-free varieties. Products range from rice, rice cakes, rice chips, risottos, rice couscous, and pasta to syrup and flour. Kosher and vegan options are available. Head to to search and purchase products.

Itches Be Gone

BeKoool Itch Relief Patch is designed to keep your children from scratching nasty insect bites or poison ivy itches. The patches are clear and relieve the itchiness your children may face. The protective barrier also helps fight what scratching leaves behind, including infection. Each patch is easy to apply and leaves no mess behind. Head to Walmart or Dollar General stores to pick up a pack today, or online at and

Fit at Any Size

Yoga is great because there are so many ways to enjoy it at any ability level, size, age, and shape. Registered nurse and yoga instructor Ingrid Kollak has penned Yoga XXL (Demos Health), which explains how to enjoy the activity at any size. The modified postures and props ensure progression to increased flexibility, strength, stamina, balance, and energy. Find this title and others including Yoga and Scoliosis, Yoga and Fertility, and Yoga and Breast Cancer at

Stay Cool

Who doesn’t love ice cream or a little bit of frozen sweetness? Yoyonas is a new kitchen gadget that uses a high-torque blade to emulsify frozen fruits into a sweet, healthy, creamy treat! It’s easy to use and easy to clean, making it a great addition to any kitchen. Your family will thank you for this treat machine. Visit to learn more and order your own.

Easy Weight Management

With the school year underway, parents are running around between activities, performances, and everything else that occupies kids’ busy schedules. It’s easy to put their own needs on the back burner. Bulu Box makes weight management easier by delivering four or five dietary samples, including protein formulas, energy and cleansing supplements, vitamins, and more. The inexpensive service is available various subscription time frames. Visit to learn more.

Hoop, There It Is

Hooping has become popular in recent times, and it’s the perfect way to burn calories and stay fit. Check out Hoopersize from Kid Tribe, a fitness kit that includes a full size ProHoop, 12 instructional games, and a CD to help your clan burn up to 310 calories per 30-minute workout. Get spinning and order your fitness kit at

The More You Know

With child allergies seemingly on the rise, it’s important to know what allergies children have. Beware Bandits are an effective medical alert wristband for children that playfully announce health issues. Informative characters such as Billy the Bee, Poker Face Peanut, and Saloon Shelly are featured on the durable, adjustable bands, which are latex and nickel free. Find one for your child online at

Growing Up

Pacifiers are great but can impact oral development in children. Introducing the Difrax 3-Stage Pacifiers for preemies and newborns all the way through children 18 months and older. The unique design is a result of years of research and development. It helps stimulate the development of the palate and muscles in the jaw and mouth. The third stage of the pacifier is even designed to help break your child of his pacifier habit. Visit

This column appeared in the October 2013 issue.