Health June 2012

The latest healthcare options for your clan's well-being.

Kayla Mossien

Get the Skinny

You’ve sipped on her low-calorie cocktails and learned yoga with her Body by Bethenny workout video. Get ready to get fit once more with reality star Bethenny Frankel’s follow-up DVD Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Workout (Acacia). Enjoy easy-to-follow yoga moves with Frankel and instructor Mike McArdle. To order, see

First-Aid Fashion

Individuals who need to wear medical bracelets can now do so in style. Hope Paige Medical designed accessories, such as wrist bands and necklaces, that list a patient’s medical history and current medications. Visit to choose from hundreds of styles that can be engraved with a personal message.

Growing Up

Bullying has remained an constant issue for caretakers over the years. Whether the culprit or the victim, your child can learn a valuable lesson on the treatment of others in A. Lawati’s The Jungle Adventure of Chimpoo (AuthorHouse). The reading offers youngsters a relatable story that follows a young monkey in search of his papa. Through his travels, the ape comes across a scary owl. But after understanding you can’t judge a book by its cover, Chimpoo and the owl become trusted partners. Purchase a copy at

Organization System

Keeping an updated family health history is essential for your clan’s well-being. Zweena encourages you to start with its virtual comprehensive personal medical record system. Members easily collect, share, manage and protect vital information through a customized dashboard. Users can also authorize their physicians to access files. Get organized at

Some Guidance

Parenting is no easy feat. The book Advance My Baby: The Ultimate Secrets of Healthy Development For Your Baby Birth to 3 Years (Exclaimit!, Inc.) helps caretakers with all things child-rearing. Chapters cover popular issues such as motor development, cognition, self-care skills and age-appropriate exercises for tykes. Head to for the tome and bonus resources.

Cool Down

Warm weather entices us to drink much H2O. But when on-the-go in the heat, it’s difficult for water bottles to keep cool. The Rapid Ice by Cork Pops chills drinks in five minutes and keeps them cold for up to three hours. To purchase, visit

Baby Food Central

Ensuring that babe eats nutritious fare is always a top priority. Prepare healthy dishes with recipes featured in 201 Organic Baby Purees: The Freshest, Most Wholesome Food Your Baby Can Eat! (Adams Media). Author Tamika L.Gardner also created, which offers yummy concoctions for tots.

Got Milk?

For years, there has been debate on the advantages and detriments of dairy. The documentary Got the Facts on Milk? dispels myths about milk and explores the role the drink has had in our nation’s food, political and economic systems. The links of dairy consumption to cancer, acne, asthma, weight gain and other health issues are also examined. Find details at

This column appeared in the June 2012 issue.