Health July 2011

The latest healthcare options for your clan's well-being.

Kayla Mossien

Cool Effects
Whether you’re jogging, walking or lounging by the pool, summer heat can seem unbearable. Get relief with Cool Off. Each cloth is infused with herbs, plant botanicals and essential oils that soothe the skin and provide an instant cooling sensation. Cool Off is sold at

Take Cover
A baby’s skin is especially vulnerable to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Safeguard your little one with the BabbaCover by BabbaCo, an infant car seat cover that prevents sunburn and provides a germ-free nap time environment away from home. The cover is SPF/UV 50+ protected and fits all infant car seat models. Browse the complete line of BabbaCo products at

Sweet Hydration
O.N.E., a leading producer of all-natural coconut water, has introduced O.N.E. Kids. The yummy blend of coconut water and juice boasts five essential electrolytes and more potassium than a banana. Plus, the beverage is free of fat, cholesterol and preservatives. Look for delicious flavors like fruit punch, orange, apple and raspberry-lemonade at your local supermarket. For further insight on the health benefits and ingredients of O.N.E. Kids, check out

Therapeutic Technology
For years, doctors and researchers have been looking to put an end to period pain. A new solution has come to the table with Ladycare USA’s mn8. Proven effective in clinical trials, the discreet device uses a powerful static field in the pelvic region to improve circulation, thereby alleviating cramps by reducing built-up lactic acid. mn8 can also be worn inside a woman’s bra to reduce breast tenderness. Additional benefits may include softer skin, shinier hair and stronger nails. Discover the complete details at

You Glow, Girl
Maintain a youthful glow with Nu Skin’s facial Celltrex CoQ10 Complete for daytime and Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid for nighttime. The two antioxidant-rich elixirs are designed to fight free radicals and repair past damage at the cellular level. The formulas also inhibit skin from aging at an accelerated rate. The result is a healthy and youthful complexion. Shop at

Keeping Rays at Bay
Sunny days give good reason to up the SPF. But many sunblocks feel heavy and greasy, clogging pores to no end. For a super lightweight face sunscreen sans the grease, head straight for emerginC’s SPF 30+ Broad Spectrum Sun Protector. This top seller is formulated with hydrators, vitamins, antioxidants and herbal extracts. The product also brings a solid dose of vitamin C, which improves skin tone and texture by removing dead skin cells, helping to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Available in a tinted and a regular version, emerginC is sold at

Keeping it Off
Want to lose weight safely and quickly? Read The 17 Day Diet (Free Press) by Dr. Mike Moreno. The diet is a comprehensive plan that effectively eliminates two obstacles in weight loss: being bored and plateauing. Each of the program’s cycles— Accelerate, Activate, Achieve and Arrive— alters your calorie count and the food you are advised to consume, creating what Dr. Moreno calls body confusion. For additional details on the regimen, check out

Move Over Cotton Swabs
Ear cleaning isn’t the most exciting task, but it’s necessary. Clinere Ear Cleaners get the job done quickly and effectively. The cleaners feature a scoop end that can be used to remove unwanted wax, dirt and debris, as well as a finned end that can be used to clean and exfoliate the outer surfaces of the ear and canal entrance. Learn more at and find the cleaners in drugstores like CVS.

Shedding Scars
If you have pesky scars and are embarrassed to show your skin during even the hottest days of summer, DNA Scar Therapy is for you. The intensive treatment minimizes the appearances of scars and restores skin’s smoothness and tone with powerful repairing enzymes, silicone, sunflower seed oil and beta glucan. By applying the product nightly, the appearance of scar tissue begins to dissipate, revealing a more evenly toned surface. Try it out after visiting

Children’s Chompers
Make tooth care more fun for your brood with Colgate’s selection of toothbrushes and toothpastes for children. Featuring some of today’s most popular animated characters, Colgate Kids products appeal to children ages 2 through 12. Characters depicted on packaging and products include Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob, and fun folk from the Littlest Pet Shop and Bakugan. Discover more at

This column appeared in the July 2011 issue.