Health January 2012

The latest healthcare options for your clan's well-being.

Alanna Weissman

Smells Be Gone

Looking to nix germs and odors? Healthy Clean does both on the molecular level. The product is safe enough to use in children’s lunch and gym bags, but effective enough to work in diaper pails and other tough areas. To purchase Healthy Clean and other gentle, natural products, head to

Proper Play

Learn what products are safe for your child to play with thanks to Safe to Play. The website demystifies age grading, helps users select age-appropriate toys and explains hidden health hazards that your child could be at risk for if you buy toys for the improper age range. Ensure you’re purchasing the right playthings at

Produce Power

Sneak more fruits and vegetables into your child’s diet with Mashups from Revolution Foods. The gluten-free, no-sugar-added fruit and veggie smoothies come in yummy flavors, including Carroty Chop and Blueberry Blitz. As the treats require no refrigeration, the packages are ideal for lunchboxes and on-go-snacking. Kids simply pop off the cap, squeeze and eat. Check it out at

Smart Pick

Make oral hygiene exciting with the Waterpik Water Flosser for Kids. The product not only cleans teeth more effectively than dental floss, it is suitable for children with braces. The fun flosser also comes with 20 removable decals so kids can make their Waterpiks reflect their personalities. To zap cavity-causing plaque, log onto

The Air in Here

The Dyson Air Multiplier, a bladeless and hard-to-knock-over fan, eliminates the dangers posed by conventional fans. Unlike other fans, the powerful Air Multiplier is safe to the touch and multiplies air by up to 18 times to provide a flow of continuous cooling air. Learn more at

Instruction Manual

Dr. M. Mark McKee attempts to simplify child-rearing with Raising a Successful Child (The Manual) (CreateSpace). A guide for new parents, the book focuses on establishing an emotionally healthy parent-child relationship from the start. The tome is for sale at

Does a Baby Good

Gerber Good Start milk-based formulas assist in preventing children from developing atopic dermatitis, the most common allergic disease in infants. Available in Protect and Gentle varieties, the formula contains partially hydrolyzed 100-percent whey protein rather than pure cow’s milk. Nourish your tot at

Locked Up

Kwikset locks, which now come in SmartKey Deadbolt and SmartCode Electronic versions, earned high rankings from Consumer Reports and passed the strictest lock-picking standard. The locks offer a number of useful features. One such family favorite is how the SmartCode Electronic lock enables homeowners to create a temporary passcode for individuals like babysitters. Unlock the details at

Sting-free Bee

Your child doesn’t have to dread going to the doctor thanks to Buzzy. Whimsically designed to resemble a smiling bumblebee, the reusable handheld device can be applied near the site of an injection and combines cold and vibration to dull pain and make vaccinations, IV injections, finger pricks and other needle procedures less traumatic for kids. For adults with needlephobia, Buzzy is sold in a discreet, solid black style. Fly to to make medical procedures less painful.

Cyber Awareness

The United Parents Child Protection Service helps protect kids online without compromising their privacy. The free downloadable software monitors children’s Internet activities, but does not show parents specific sent messages and such. Instead it screens for menacing triggers, such as a relationship with a known online predator or the mention of suicide, before issuing alerts to parents. Protect your family at

This column appeared in the January 2012 issue.