Health December 2014

The latest healthcare options for your clan's well-being.

Samantha Chan

Boogies Be Gone

Breathe easier this winter with the ergo-dynamically designed Boogies Be Gone nasal aspirator. The newly designed product makes it more hygienic and comfortable to ease your child's breathing ailments.

Knocked-Up Fitness

Being pregnant doesn't mean kissing your fitness goodbye. Stay in shape, healthy, and energized with Knocked-Up Fitness, a DVD series and written guide to pregnancy that aids healthy women from prenatal to post birth.


Why should adults be the only ones who benefit from fitness-focused devices? LeapBand from LeapFrog educates, encourages, and rewards children for healthy choices.


Keep germs at bay in a safe way this cold and flu season with GermBloc. Available as a spray, lotion, or foam, this alcohol-free hand sanitizer protects you and your family from germs and bacteria that may make you sick.

Take Shape for Life

When you have a cold, sleeping can be one of the most desired and difficult things to attain. Find rest with Take Shape for Life's Habits of Healthy Sleep Set. It includes Restfulmind Herbal Sleep Tea, Chilltime Theanine Supplement Gum, a sleep mask, and ear plugs.

This column appeared in the December 2014 issue.