Health August 2012

The latest healthcare options for your clan's well-being.

Kayla Mossien

Informative Read

Learn how to properly nourish your kin with Karen Ranzi’s Creating Healthy Children (SHC Publishing). The tome offers readers tips for improving diets and lifestyle. Ranzi also discusses treating asthma, ear infections, chronic allergies, attention and hyperactivity disorders, and other illnesses by getting to the root of the problem and removing the causal factor. Order a copy at

Sleep Solution

Hectic days make it difficult to “tune out” come bedtime. Easing the transition from wake to sleep mode is Dream Water. Equipped with three all-natural ingredients, GABA, melatonin and 5-HTP, the beverage helps you relax and dose off. Dream Water is sold at major retailers, including Target, Wal-Mart, Duane Reade and CVS.

Keepin’ It Clean

Help furniture stay in top-notch condition with The SmartSeat Chair Protector. This waterproof, stain-resistant and machine-washable cover is made of soft-to-the-touch, toxin-free fabric. The adjustable straps allow you to securely use on most chairs. Purchase one at

Powerhouse Yoga

A top yoga teacher offers a zero-crunches way to a flat midsection in Shiva Rea: Core Yoga. Featuring seven dynamic mix-and-match segments from Shiva’s critically-acclaimed Creative Core series, the DVD provides endless ways to reshape your body. Get stronger abdominal when you work with this title from

Well-Rested Tots

New studies show toddlers who miss a single nap per day experience more anxiety, less joy and poorer problem-solving comprehension. With preschool on the horizon, kids should be properly rested for their new adventure. Woolly Boo’s new organic wool-filled All-In-One Toddler Nap Mat provides children with an ideal napping environment as they head off to school in the fall.

Expanding Horizons

Parents looking to introduce veganism to their youngsters benefit from Vegan Is Love: Having Heart and Taking Action (North Atlantic Books). The book delivers an age-appropriate and sensitive way to instill this lifestyle in children. The author’s message for children covers much more than the food they eat. It explores the power of people, big and small, to create a healthier, more sustainable and peaceful world through everyday choices.

Treats for Tykes

Buddy Fruits’ convenient and fun-to-eat Pure Fruit Bites add two flavors to its line: Banana and Blackcurrant. The bite-size snacks are made from 100 percent fruit and contain the equivalent of a full serving of fruit. They are also gluten-free, making nutritious eating an easy option for little ones.

Go with the Flow

Breastfeeding mothers looking to transition babe from breast to bottle find relief with Comotomo. The bottle is naturally shaped to prevent nipple confusion. Its soft, skin-like, squeezable body replicates feelings of natural feeding, as well. The collection is available at

This column appeared in the August 2012 issue.