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Don't Miss September 2014

Family-friendly movies and games everyone's talking about.

Donald McDermott

It Just Clicks

One of the biggest hits of this past winter is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. The Lego Movie is a computer animated adventure that centers around an ordinary Lego figure who is mistakenly recruited to join a quest to stop an evil tyrant. Pick up your copy in store or online today.

Midnight Meeting

A young businesswoman's life takes a turn when she inherits a billion-dollar company in Midnight Masquerade. Premiering September 27 on the Hallmark Channel, the touching film follows Elyse as she searches for the romance her life has been missing. Check your local listings.

Get Creative

Great for groups and individuals of all ages, SKIT! is an imaginative app from Storytime Studios. Users have the chance to create their own music videos; cards for friends; and even animated text messages, memes, games, and so much more. SKIT! can be downloaded today for iOS, Android and Kindle.

Turtle Power

The hit movie comes into your home as a video game in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Shell up as your favorite turtle. Enjoy hours of levels, weapons, battles, and more! Rated E for Everyone, the game is available now for the Nintendo 3DS.

Ride the Rainbow

Based on the popular line of toys, DVDs, and series, My Little Pony is back on the big screen. The new animated feature presents a musical showcase as your favorite ponies try to bring harmony to their world. My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks from Hasbro Studios will be in theaters September 27.

Dolphin Tale 2

A group of sympathetic humans help a dolphin with a damaged tail in Dolphin Tale 2 (Warner Bros. Pictures). Inspired by actual events, the heartwarming sequel to the surprise 2011 hit stars Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman. Go along for the ride in 2D or 3D beginning September 12.

Yo Ho!

Oceanhouse Media presents How I Became a Pirate, a new book app written by storyteller Melinda Long. Complete with fun animations, hilarious sound effects, and more, it tells the story of young Jeremy Jacobs who joins Captain Braid Beard and his crew on an eyeopening voyage. Download your copy today.

Completely Enchanting

Sofia the First: The Enchanted Feast is ready to come home on Disney DVD. The new release comes complete with four episodes from the popular Disney Channel Series, as well as an enchanted mirror! Available in stores and online, the DVD also features a special appearance by Snow White.


Just in time for football season, EA Games presents Madden NFL 15. Featuring new moves and state-ofthe art graphics, the latest installment gives gamers of all ages the chance to become their favorite players on their favorite teams. The game is available now for the Play- Station 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 1, and Xbox 360 game systems.

From the Heart

An adventurous boy with a mechanical clock for a heart searches for the love of his life in Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart (Shout! Factory). Set in late 19th-century Edinburgh, the whimsical animated adventure is based on the popular children's book by Mathias Malzieu and opens in theaters on September 24.

This column appeared in the September 2014 issue.