They say spontaneity is the spice of life. This may be true as I found out this past week. I love to be spontaneous. My husband and I were often taking spontaneous adventures when dating and in the early stages of our marriage. This, however, has dwindled as we have gotten older, had a family and not only had to worry about our responsibilities, but also that of our kids.

With this being said, last week my husband and I decided that we needed a spur-of-the-moment, leave-everything-behind couple of days. Our friends were on their way to the Dominican Republic during the Thanksgiving holiday. Though they had asked us to come in the weeks prior, we never really gave it much thought. As the days got closer, however, my husband was bringing up the idea more and more. While I had considerable trepidation, I decided that I needed a break and there was no time like the present. We ultimately made our decision on Thursday and were on a plane on Tuesday morning.

Our kids thought we had lost our minds, but there we were over the weekend packing for a family vacation that we had never planned. No researching hotels and vacation destinations, no making accommodations for plans that we were going to miss (our family members are still not over us missing Thanksgiving dinner), no shopping for vacation clothes or toiletries. We just decided that we were going… and so we went.

It was an incredibly smart decision. We did all need a break, the resort was beautiful, we got to spend time with our friends, but more importantly, we spent a few days enjoying each other before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season pulled us into a million different (stressful) directions. We relaxed, basked in the sun, laughed off our busy lives, and really had an amazing vacation that we will never forget.

And in the end, maybe there was a lesson that our kids could take away from the whole experience (there always is). Sometimes you just have to take some time to decompress, know that your world will not crumble if you disappear for a few days, and do something about which you have been saying “one day…” for way too long.