My children just finished their first week of 1st and 3rd grades. Oh how I longed for this week during the second half of the summer. Thoughts would fly into my head like, “When they go back to school, I will start on that diet from all this summer eating," and “Why clean the house now? I might as well do a big cleaning while they are at school,” or my favorite, “As soon as they step foot through the doors of their school building, I will take off for the gym.”

Now here I am, a week later, bloated and flabby, staring down at a floor that is begging to be mopped. And all that has happened this week was overwhelming anxiety, a lot of running, paperwork and homework. All the feelings of being rushed, to and from school, to all the after-school activities and then off to make my graduate night classes all came flooding back.

Each year, the start of school gets harder and harder. School just isn’t what it used to be. Homework is given on day one, and my son has already been scheduled for his first math test next week. My daughter has been reading and logging in her favorite parts and characters of each story. Each night, she fills out more sheets about herself than if she was interviewing for a Fortune 500 company. Of course, I want them to learn, and you will not find a parent that is more pro-academics, but I would love a slower start…. and that is strictly for me. The kids seem to be adjusting fine.

Maybe it is just me trying desperately to hold onto my children’s youth. I despise the fact that they are getting older. My son has grown tremendously in the last year and he looks huge in his twin-size bed. I look at pictures of them walking into nursery school… a time of no homework, no stress, lots of playing puzzles and games; and long for those care-free days of yesterday. Things seem so hectic as every year passes, with less quality time together as a family. I know when they are in high school, I will reflect back to this year, and wish my kids were trailing behind me as I yell, “Hurry up, we are going to be late!” instead of simply giving me a quick bye as they head out the door. But for this week, I take my wish back for summer coming to an end and instead desire a house full of screaming and questions like “What are we doing today?”

Or, I can just go for a run and mop the floors.