We drove down a dirt-paved road lined with trees, shading our entry and giving us refuge from the hot sun developing on the late morning. We seemed to leave Long Island and enter into a new domain, full of beauty and bursting with charisma.

Golden Earthworm, an organic farm nestled in the heart of Jamesport, lays off the beaten path of Route 25. The farm supplies fresh, organic produce in its shop, as well as through its Community Supported Agriculture program. Upon arrival, we felt like we had been transported to the fields somewhere in the south of France. We bought some sugar snap peas, snapping them as we walked. Daniel was given a stray piece of lettuce from the woman who brought in the fresh bunches of lettuce to display. The lettuce broke off and fluttered to the floor, still wet from its necessary rinse. He was told to give it to Wilbur, the large pig whose home lay next to the farm shop. 

We met up with Daniel's cousins, and the big hit of the day for all the kids was the constant flow of farm machines making their way into the fields. We stooped to see the undercarriage of the tractorand took the necessary pictures riding on top, quickly ushering the boys off before someone saw.

We left the farm and headed for some sweetness at Patty's Berries and Bunches, where we plucked strawberries, sugar snap peas, and raspberries. The berries were sweeter than any others I had ever tasted. The boys crouched and squatted, the brims of their hats upturned toward the sky, hoping to find the ruby red treasures laying under leaves. Daniel's system of raspberry picking consisted of the pluck of the berry, swooping his hand down to touch it to the bottom of the container, then launching it back up to find its way safely to his mouth. He did this until our containers were full as his remained empty as we headed for the concession stand. 

After a well-deserved lunch of handmade ice cream, a sweet day ended even sweeter.

Go for the berry picking, stay for the ice cream, and always think outside the box in your adventures in life with your children.