So this summer has officially been dubbed (by myself) the Rock Star Summer of 2013. Sure, I have had some wild summers in my youth, but not so much ever since I became a mommy. And, when I say rock stars, keep in mind that I am talking more Huey Lewis than Ozzy Osbourne. Nonetheless, summer 2013 has been quite an exhausting and fun experience.

My kids decided that camp was not on the summer 2013 agenda. I went with it… inspired to find activities that would keep them entertained. Though we have not done anything super over the top, we have hit pretty much every beach in the tri-state area; zoos, amusement parks and aquariums know us by our first names; and friends with a pool that have not seen us throughout the winter and spring have been suddenly re-acquainted with my crew.

My kids have always been accustomed to going to bed early. My friends have often joked about my former strict sleep policy. Each summer I would close the blinds by 7:30-8pm, so as to tricks the kids into thinking that “it is very late.” Somehow, all of these wonderful tactics went out the window for the Rock Star Summer of 2013. It is a “frolic till you fall” policy in our household these days. In fact I have often gone to bed before the kids, leaving my husband (who never sleeps) to man the little rockers. This had led to some very sleepy mornings. We barely mutter a “good morning” to each other as we stammer out of bed to move on to our next summer experience. I have almost considered dousing my kids’ cereal bowls with a splash of coffee just to perk them up (God knows I need a few cups).

After unsuccessfully trying to reach me after several attempts of calling my home, my brother left a message to say that he hoped we were out getting tattoos. He suggested “Go Hard or Go Home, Summer 2013.” Not sure if we are the tattoo-toting type, but it sounds good for an introduction to the summer photo album.

Implementing my strict tactics might be quite a challenge come fall, but for now I am happy to see the smile on my kids’ faces as we pet the goats and splash each other in the ocean.