It's no wonder that with the arrival of autumn, a pilgrimage of cars can be seen driving up the East Coast to witness the changing leaves. Their vivid crimson and bright orange hues bring with them the awe of nature and inspiration for the season. It's like Mother Nature's gift to us before she throws the winter slush and snow in our faces. 

My family and I hadn't visited the Hudson Valley in years. I'd almost forgotten the brilliance of the area. We were invited to Hahn Farm in Salt Point for a visit. In the Hahn Family since 1798, the once- dairy farm has steadily grown throughout the years. It now offers produce, meat, yarn for knitting, and a fall festival.

The kids and I arrived at Hahn Farm and promptly went on a tour to see its resident animals. Tom Hahn, the farm's owner, gives educational tours of the venue to school groups. We made friends with one of the dogs on the property. 

A wide array of locally sourced and farm-grown products is housed inside a stand on the property. We bought apples and pumpkins and made our way across the street to the wonderland that makes up the play area, which was specially set up for a festival. Our eyes took in the sights and sounds of the fair. The kids delighted in the available tube slides and a sprawling corn maze before we concluded our visit to Hahn Farm.

Our next excursion took us to the Mid-Hudson Children's Museum in Poughkeepsie. Overlooking the Hudson River, the museum sits steps away from a revitalized waterfront park and delicious restaurants. What it lacks in its size, it makes up for in the variety of available hands-on activities and creative play for little visitors. Our favorite exhibit was one that showcased, for lack of better words, a very large Lite Brite with giant cylinders of colorful plastic pegs. We built, painted, and climbed to our hearts' content at the museum until it was time to head next door to the Walkway Over the Hudson. 

Our favorite place of the day, the Walkway Over the Hudson is rich in history and one of those supreme examples of reinventing the new from the old. Once home to railway tracks that served as a major hub linking western raw materials to eastern industrial centers, the bridge now stands as the world's largest pedestrian park. Walking the bridge is like walking across a cloud. Nothing but awe-inspiring views greet you on either side as you seemingly walk into infinity. We loved the exercise, we loved the fresh air, and we loved the time it provided for us as a family. 

The Hudson Valley: Go for the farm animals, stay for the incredible walks and views, and always think outside the box in your adventures in life with your children.