Editor's note: Today, we welcome blogger, culinary enthusiast, and adventurer mom Merrie Stone to The Sandbox Social team. She can't wait to share her local explorations and stories with you! Take it away, Merrie.

(Photos courtesy of Sarafina's Photographs)

Birthplace of the Oreo cookie and former home to the Nabisco Factory, Chelsea Market may not seem like the obvious choice for an outing for a toddler and three month old.

Because of our love for the glittering city atmosphere and food, the eclectic marketplace is the perfect spot to search for delicious nibbles and create your own adventure. We started at the beautifully decorated Eleni’s bakery. Cupcakes and cookies, each one more beautiful than the next, sat atop alternating levels of cake stands behind the streak-free glass. We sampled a vanilla cupcake before heading to Ronnybrook Dairy to wash it down with milk. We chose the chocolate milk and sat down at the large, rounded counter, a nod to soda shops from yesteryear.

Daniel’s big lips puckered around the straw, his cheeks concave with each slurp. He sat there and drank the entire bottle, only stopping to breathe and let out an occasional, “Mmm.”

We left there, following the call of red lobsters, which were being cracked open on tables situated outside The Lobster Place, a mecca of seafood. My husband ordered oysters for us to eat at the stand-up counter while Daniel and I walked around. He squished his lips together to say, "Hello!" to the fish, their eyes fixed on us, lying on their ice beds along the shelves. The stand-up counter was perfect for a quick bite, especially when the little people in your life would prefer to run free. The oysters are shucked and their varied flavors are explained in front of you.

We let Daniel run uninhibited down a long corridor that once was home to train tracks. Daniel marveled at an indoor water feature that poured into a hole surrounded by wishes, sparkling on coins. Daniel tossed his own coin into the colorful abyss. The hallway is spotted with pipes and other relics, revealing the building’s industrial past. Daniel’s curious little fingers ran along the old stones, his eyes peering through an old pipe turned into table.

We continued our journey, stopping and sampling. We alternated between giving Daniel freedom, and holding him tightly through the Bowery Kitchen Supply, stocked high with delicate glasses and fragile dishware. We all sampled the cheese at Lucy’s Whey and indulged in hazelnut gelato from L’Arte del Gelato. Our tastings trip came to a close at Los Tacos No. 1, with Daniel running down the corridor and sniffing the air surrounding Spices and Tease.

Go for the experience, stay for the food, and always think outside the box in your adventures in life with your children.