Anyone who has traveled with children can expect a certain level of stress. Keeping your children occupied, happy, rested, and well fed are the accomplishments of a successful trip. Eating is one of those essential things that, when done in a healthy way, can fuel your family vacation. To explore this intersection of travel and tasty treats, Daniel and I visited a Westin Hotel in NYC for a day of cooking with SuperChefs. 

As part of the Westin's 6 Pillars of Healthy Living, the hotel only offers healthy kids' menu options and gives children the ability to have a hands-on part in creating what they are eating. Started by Dr. Greg Chang, SuperChefs is a company that teaches children cooking skills and encourages healthy eating habits. Children are able to take part in Cookery for Kids programs to construct their own meals. 

Daniel was too young to participate in the day's activities, and we arrived to see the older kids given chef jackets with their names neatly embroidered on them. As much as Daniel loves to mix and create in the kitchen at home, at 2 and a half, he doesn't possess the staying power and patience required for a full cooking session. His inability to partake was well warranted, and we spent our time weaving in and out of the demonstration room, as well as oohing and aahing at the colorful spread assembled in the hallway. 

Energetic and enthusiastic demonstrators in their crisp white chef jackets performed for us all. They gave the children quite a show creating pasta dough and crepes. We were then invited to create our own versions. Daniel was allowed to fill a crepe. His greedy hands picked up a bunch of ripened berries, tossing them on top of the crepe, filled also with chocolate and Nutella. 

It was amazing being surrounded by such enthusiasm and devotion to a healthy cause. The idea that food nourishes our bodies and is essential to all life sometimes gets lost in our busy lives. Encouraging children to create their own food and showing them the pleasurable side of doing so empowers them. We eat to live and, as with everything else in our lives, eating should be a sensational and exciting adventure.