My husband is a God in our house. I don’t mean that I feed him grape leaves (he is Greek, after all) and fan him while he watches his beloved Yankees holding an ice cold beer. I know that there are some marriages in which the man is very much the dominant figure. That might work for some, but it is not us. We are kind of working on the same playing field. His word is not bible, just like mine. We have open communication on everything, especially our kids.

However, after my daughter was born I saw a shift in my family. Daddy’s little girl definitely began to kick in and the look of admiration in my daughter’s eyes whenever he was in the room was SO cute – at first. My son was still mine… he had the same look in his eyes when I was with him. But as he got older, it became more about sports and video games and I know nothing about either. So, now he barrels through the door from school and always says, “Where’s Dad? I need to tell him something.”

Don’t get me wrong – I am not jealous! I actually find it so heartwarming that he has a close relationship with our children. And, trust me whenever they get hurt or are sick, the first word out of their mouth is “Mommy!” My daughter and I get our nails done and go clothes shopping and marvel at pretty dolls and “girlie” things, so I am fine with all this tenderness they have for their old man. Except in one particular area…

Homework! Let me explain. My husband is the kind of guys that has limited patience in many areas of his life, but a great deal of patience with his kids. I, on the other hand, have a great deal of patience with mostly everything and everyone, except for my kids. This manifests itself during homework. My kids HATE doing homework with me. I make them re-write their answers if they are not neat. I make them look up words they do not understand. I read directions thoroughly and make sure we are doing everything by the book. When my husband does homework with the kids, they are done in minutes. Books are put away and everyone is on the couch watching TV.

Even this bothered me minimally, until this year when all of a sudden Daddy knows more than Mommy. Now let me tell you, I sometimes have a hard time with 2 nd grade math. My math skills probably have remained at a 1st grade level. It is not something I am proud of, but it is what it is. On the other hand, my husband can solve math problems mentally within a few seconds. I need to write down any math problem that includes a double digit on a piece of paper and it might take me a minute… or two. Whereas to me the Pythagorean theory might indicate the gore level of a horror film, my husband can masterfully throw around disgusting words like hypotenuse that impress my son.

One day I am confident that I will redeem my throne. I might have to wait until the kids come home and are asked to compose a creative story or structure complex grammatically-correct sentences. Then we’ll see who gets the last laugh.