Garden State Discovery Museum

Discovering a new children’s museum is like discovering some new fantasy world for my children in which playtime and laughter seem to be endless. Each time we plan a trip that extends past the two-hour mark, we try to find something new to discover between here and there.  When we recently visited my aunt in Maryland with my sister and her two boys, we knew that our trip needed a stop to stretch our legs and giving the boys a much needed place to expel some pent up energy. For us, this meant a trip to the Garden State Discovery Center in beautifully named Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  Reviews likened it to the Please Touch Museum in Philly; a tall order to meet.  We were skeptical, but happy to find out for ourselves. Found in a slightly more commercial area, the museum greets you with its charming butterfly garden, complete with outdoor play area and picnic tables,...

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Pez Visitor's Center

One way to bring the nostalgia of my own childhood into the lives of my kids is to bring them to a place that embodies everything young and that most can boast a memory of at some point or another.  It is the Pez Vistor’s Center, located in Orange Connecticut, that is nothing short of a trip back in time. It’s an interesting phenomenon that these dispensers are as relevant today as they were when they first went on the market almost 80 years ago..  They are coveted and collected by many all over the world and have become one of the most popular candies worldwide.  The heads were first put onto the dispensers over half a century ago and have continued to be an ever changing and dynamic part of youth ever since.

We made the trip from Long Island and met our friend, Marie, and her three children.  They live nearby to the factory and make the trip about...

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Maritime Aquarium

Aquariums have never been on the top of my “to see” list.  Some people love to visit the graceful creatures that inhabit the massive indoor tanks. Not me. We chose to visit the Maritime Aquarium on a recommendation from a friend.  It is located in Norwalk, Connecticut and an hour away from our home.  Since this was the case, I figured that we could always leave if we weren’t interested. What surprised me most is that we (including me) were interested. Very interested. The aquarium was built from renovations done to an old grain supply warehouse. The old beams running across the ceilings seem to tell their own stories. The beauty of the building itself was worth the trip. What was created from the incredible building was even better.  The majesty of each sea creature was highlighted in its respective exhibits. The front vestibule highlights a sea lion tank, where...

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Yale Peabody Museum

Deciding to travel to the Yale Peabody Museum at 9:30pm the night before just goes to show how easy it was to make the decision and the drive to get there. We are now at the point in our travel adventures that choosing to go can occur at a moment's notice. My bag of tricks is stocked with diapers and wipes. The boys are well satisfied with a cup of Cheerios for breakfast in the car. If all else fails, there's a drive-through Starbucks up the block to calm any last-minute battle scar that may have ensued upon trying to exit the house in an orderly fashion (a delicious beverage for Momma and some cake pops for the boys).

I threw some snacks and some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into a bag and off we went. The museum sits on the Yale Campus and is one of the oldest and largest natural history museums in the world. Even if you are not a dinosaur lover,...

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Taking Risks

Recently, I invited a friend to come with us on one of our adventures to a museum. An exhibition of one of her favorite artists was about to end, and it was our last opportunity to see it. My friend declined the offer as she had no one to watch her daughter and couldn't imagine bringing the child into the city, let alone a museum.

"Unfortunately, I can't do what you do," she said.

Seeing the unpredictable nature of a toddler overshadow my friend's love for art got me thinking. I feel as though parents are people with two lives: Who you are before children and who you are after children. While your life after having kids changes in the most amazing ways, we should be able to hold onto a bit of ourselves as not to lose who we are.

I have another friend who told me how scary it was for her to commit to the first time she took her daughter out for an entire day....

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