In the hustle and bustle of the fast paced world in which we live, I can’t help but notice the anxiety and stress that surrounds us. It could be because everyone, young, old and in between, is working crazy hours, lives with and internalizes a fear they might lose their job (real or not), and is stressed by the extra demands, cutbacks on staff, long hours, undefined roles, pay cuts and lack of a bonus in 2012. The bonus they were counting on to pay bills, enjoy a getaway, buy a loved one a belated gift, save for later or pay off an outstanding bill.

As a mom, you try to make sure your child plays well with other children so he or she is invited to playdates and thrives in school. You endeavor to enroll your child in the best programs, such as gymnastics, swim, art and soccer. All the while, you likely wish you had more fun and more money to go on a vacation with your husband. You might wish you didn’t hear the 4am garbage truck and the 6am alarm clock, only to get a glimpse of your husband’s back because you are both stressed and exhausted beyond words.

You sometimes think, “Well maybe we should move to a less expensive place to live and find a way to cut back.” Because, let’s be frank, times are tough. The economy has not been playing fair, and even as a grandma I get stressed and stressed for everyone I love. I worry too that I will have to forfeit certain dreams and disappoint people because life has been changing so quickly. I love giving. Giving can be simple, but it brings great satisfaction and joy. I believe it’s also a stress reducer. There is something cathartic about giving back.

I was the type of mom who didn’t sweat the small stuff. I would always say “Just do the best you can.” I was never the best at organization and if my kids are reading this they are laughing and saying, “That’s for sure.” (Next Hanukkah gift can be an organization coach…hint, hint, kids.) I always preferred laughter in my home and demonstrating caring about others. Making navy corners on the beds was not a priority.

The good think about being a somewhat computer savvy granny though is I can become part of a mailing list that helps me go to my calm place, rejuvenate and play make believe house with grandchildren. What is important is what you make important. Skyping with the grandkids is my Xanax.

My work is always fun because I love what I do. The day I don’t, I will do something else of the 501 things (and counting) on my bucket list. For now, I just need to smell the artificial roses (I spray them with lavender oil for the calming effect) and be thankful for my family. Maybe I will rebuild another community in need, besides my own.

Teach your children well and let them join you. Either way, just do it for you.