Since Molly was born 4 years ago, we have had only one sleepover. I have been longing for a sleepover for years. My dream came true this past Memorial Day weekend.

I jumped up out of my bed when I heard, “BEA BEA, BEA BEA,” loud and clear from the floor below. My husband looked at me and said, “Look at you; you are beaming with the hugest smile at 5:15 am.” I jumped out of bed to go be with my Molly and her little sister. I peeked in to see my daughter and her husband as they smiled and asked, “Can you please watch the girls for us? We didn’t sleep very much.” With great enthusiasm and joy I said most certainly!

We marched downstairs to the den and played restaurant with my new second kitchen for the grand kids and had a ball. Since this was a first for me, I did think should I put on the TV and keep the house quiet? No, I thought probably not because my daughter does not encourage TV in their home. But it is so early. My eyes were still slits as I continued to play with the girls. At 8:15, I asked Molly if we should make breakfast and off to my kitchen we went.

It felt like an eggie kind of morning with some fresh berries and seven-grain toast. Molly helped with the berry selection. Before long, Amy came down to greet us. We all laughed and had breakfast together. After we finished, Molly asked if she could go wake up my husband. I said, “Of course, but I will go with you.” (Not sure if he was in the buff!) Thank goodness he was under the covers. Molly jumped up and down on the bed and so did I saying good morning, good morning. The three of us laughed and hugged. For a moment, my mind drifted back to when my kids were young and how much I use to love when they would come in and snuggle with me. Frankly, there is nothing better than a snuggly morning for this Bea’s being.

How do you like to wake up in the morning?