So who would have thought that at 56 years of age I could do a headstand?

Not I, Grammy of five!

I have tight hips from biking, teaching spin, playing tennis and working out when I am not working with clients and writing. Through the years, I’ve done maybe three yoga classes. One was when I took my daughter to a maternity yoga class and I fell off the block. I also had a brief encounter with Bikram yoga in Florida ten years ago with a very stern instructor who made people cry.

Recently, I decided to take a spiritual path with my life. Yoga and meditation kept appearing before me. I am not sure how I landed there. However, I will be forever grateful to Hana, her staff, the 40-day Baron Babtiste Challenge as well as the group of woman who joined me. New moms, grandmas, pregnant instructors, and younger and older women embraced meditation, breathing, yoga and each other.

With this practice, there are no expectations. Just being present with yourself can create awareness, foster growth, address fears and eliminate toxins from your mind and body. You can be conscious of your choices and choose what to respond to and what you need to let go of.

The coolest thing happened to me yesterday when I was sitting on the porch with my step-daughter and beautiful 1-month-old granddaughter, Ellie. I discovered we shared a common thread: love, acceptance of where we are and yoga. Shari and baby Ellie will be starting a mommy and me yoga class in NYC. Have you ever tried this? Please post a response about your experiences and recommendations of programs in your area.

Sparkle from the inside this July 4, 2012!


Bea Frank