Did you ever think about how you cherish something that was made for you by your children? I still have the cards and special art projects my kids made me from 25 years ago in a safe place to one day share with my grandchildren.

I remember as a child going to the card store to pick out a card for my mom and standing there with strangers laughing and sharing the cards, thinking I found the perfect one. Low and behold one or both of my sisters ended up picking out the exact same card without any of us knowing.

It would happen on birthdays, too. That is a Hallmark moment, but is it special? Or is a treasure something that was made and created by you or your children?

I think the specialness of something that is created and personalized is always a keeper. It is another way to share creativity with your children, too.
Would Grammy ever throw out your creation or sell it in a garage sale?

My step daughter has the most amazing eye for photographs and made us a photo book with captions. At least once a week I look at it and treasure it. The book was made online, the photos were taken from visits to our home with the entire family over the years. Everyone is in it. It warms my heart.

You could go to a local pottery class and make a ceramic piece; I still use my 33-year-old son’s ceramic mug from first grade as my pen and pencil holder. How about making a CD of tunes from Grammy’s era? Perhaps a montage of all your special moments with you, your kids and mom or a skit performed by you and your kids for Grammy could be fun? A comedy about your mom might bring lots of laughs and love.

I know special lady who does something amazing with children’s artwork. You can visit the site www.squiggledplums.com. It is great for a really special gift.

Happy Mother’s Day even if is every day of the year! Don’t forget Grammy.