The good thing about having our house in Southampton is that in the summer all the grandchildren come to visit. It is so much fun. Each time they come, another wonderful conversation or activity makes the day special.

As my husband and I enter our golden years, we have discovered simplicity and Costco. As a matter of fact, when my husband turned 65, I begged the wonderful manager for a Costco hat and shirt to give to my husband as his present for his special day (We have stock in the company). Some people have big dreams of retirement, and others think simple. I do not think my husband will ever retire, but if he did, he would definitively be a Costco greeter. “Welcome to Costco. May I see your metro card?”

Everyone who knows my husband knows Costco is his favorite hobby. I have grown to appreciate it, as well. My middle-age body likes the fit of some of their pants. They are not low rise and they do not show the menopause bulge. We have paper goods to serve Southampton and all the surrounding towns! Other than the hard toilet paper he buys on sale, the supplies are great. The large quantity of food is helpful when we have everyone over. The standard joke when all the kids arrive is: “Check the date before you eat it, Costco.” When it is just my hubby and I, things stay in the fridge a little longer than they should. Catch my drift?

I must say, Molly left me in hysterics during her recent visit with us. She broke a little ceramic turtle that she plays with by our kitchen table. She turned to my husband, (reminder: she is 4 years old now) and said, “You can fix it Grandpa. Just go to COSTCO. I am sure they will have something to put it back together again!”