Molly will be turning 4 years old in nine days! Every phone call to my daughter Amy now is, "Please tell me a Molly story before I hang up." And she usually has the story of the day to tell me. After I hang up, I immediately call my mom, Molly's great grandma, in Florida and tell her the story so she can share with the three other women she dines with on most evenings. If they do not get together for some reason, one of them will call my mom and say, “Do you have any Molly stories?"

If you go back to my first blog, you will find the story of me witnessing the birth of Molly, my first grandchild. I will never loose the chills of telling this story or feeling the warm swelling of my eyes as they fill up with water, thinking or speaking of that moment. I was one of the luckiest grandmas on earth to see her birth and witness my daughter and son-in-law become parents. (My computer just got a little wet.)

On March 10, Molly turns 4. And like most grandmothers, I encourage you to enjoy every single passing moment, because right before your eyes the moment grows in shoe sizes and those little shoe socks turn into stilettos.

OK, back to my Molly story. “Mom, wait until you hear this one,” my daughter enticed me. “Dave was off from work and picked up Molly from school. As they were walking out, Molly said, ‘Wait a minute Dad. I have to go talk to this guy.’ Molly walked over to the security guard and said, ‘Good bye Mr. String Bean.’ He responded, ‘Good bye Miss Banana.’ Dave asked, ‘What was that all about Molly?’ In between laughter, Molly said, ‘Oh we kid around he calls me a fruit and I call him a vegetable when we say goodbye!’” How cute is that?

It is just so incredible to me, watching all my grandchildren develop at each stage of life. And what I find even more incredible is watching a sense of humor form and develop right before my eyes and, yes, my eyes are getting a little blurry.

I feel so lucky to able to share these stories with my Mom, Amy's grandma and Molly's great grandma, and know that she shares this joy with her friends and they smile and laugh, too. Yes, it truly is a great game of telephone! Happy Birthday, Molly! You touch lives form near and far with your developing little mind and humor.

I just wonder who started the fruit and vegetable game, don't you?