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Costco the Rescue

The good thing about having our house in Southampton is that in the summer all the grandchildren come to visit. It is so much fun. Each time they come, another wonderful conversation or activity makes the day special.

As my husband and I enter our golden years, we have discovered simplicity and Costco. As a matter of fact, when my husband turned 65, I begged the wonderful manager for a Costco hat and shirt to give to my husband as his present for his special day (We have stock in the company). Some people have big dreams of retirement, and others think simple. I do not think my husband will ever retire, but if he did, he would definitively be a Costco greeter. “Welcome to Costco. May I see your metro card?”...

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Om, Baby, Om

So who would have thought that at 56 years of age I could do a headstand?

Not I, Grammy of five!

I have tight hips from biking, teaching spin, playing tennis and working out when I am not working with clients and writing. Through the years, I’ve done maybe three yoga classes. One was when I took my daughter to a maternity yoga class and I fell off the block. I also had a brief encounter with Bikram yoga in Florida ten years ago with a very stern instructor who made people cry.

Recently, I decided to take a spiritual path with my life. Yoga and meditation kept appearing before me. I am not sure how I landed there. However, I will be forever grateful to Hana, her staff, the 40-day Baron Babtiste Challenge as well as the group of woman who joined...

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PJ Party Time

Since Molly was born 4 years ago, we have had only one sleepover. I have been longing for a sleepover for years. My dream came true this past Memorial Day weekend.

I jumped up out of my bed when I heard, “BEA BEA, BEA BEA,” loud and clear from the floor below. My husband looked at me and said, “Look at you; you are beaming with the hugest smile at 5:15 am.” I jumped out of bed to go be with my Molly and her little sister. I peeked in to see my daughter and her husband as they smiled and asked, “Can you please watch the girls for us? We didn’t sleep very much.” With great enthusiasm and joy I said most certainly!

We marched downstairs to the den and played restaurant with my new second kitchen for the grand kids and had a ball. Since this was a first for me, I did think should I...

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Donít Forget Grammyís Motherís Day Gift

Did you ever think about how you cherish something that was made for you by your children? I still have the cards and special art projects my kids made me from 25 years ago in a safe place to one day share with my grandchildren.

I remember as a child going to the card store to pick out a card for my mom and standing there with strangers laughing and sharing the cards, thinking I found the perfect one. Low and behold one or both of my sisters ended up picking out the exact same card without any of us knowing.

It would happen on birthdays, too. That is a Hallmark moment, but is it special? Or is a treasure something that was made and created by you or your children?

I think the specialness of something that is created and personalized is always a keeper. It is another way to share creativity with your children, too.
Would Grammy ever throw out...

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The Lying Game

Did you ever wonder how to teach your children not to lie? I had such a chuckle when my daughter Amy relayed the following story to me.

My 4-year-old granddaughter Molly asked her mother Amy for snack late in the day. Amy asked her if she had a one earlier. Molly said, “No, mommy.” “Ok then you can have a snack,” Amy said and as she opened the garbage to throw out something. However, she noticed the remains of a snack eaten earlier in the day. Amy proceeded to tell Molly the story about the boy who cried wolf, a tale I told her and my mother told me. If you do not tell the truth people will not believe you when you are telling the truth.

As a result of Molly’s fallacy, she was not allowed to have dessert after dinner. During dinner, her Daddy was telling a story about work and mentioned something about fees and bill...

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