Wow, it’s Thursday and it has definitely been a long week already. Part of me can’t wait til the weekend gets here, and another part of me is dreading it. I was looking forward to hitting the road with Lori and Meghan for a quick mini-getaway to see some really good old friends in Ohio this weekend...and sadly it looks like those plans are going to fall through on me. Time and money guys....there just never seems to be enough of either one in my life. I am sure that alot of you can sympathize. Oh well...no sense in driving myself crazy over something I can’t control I guess. I will be out there next month for the annual Steelers beating of the Cincinnati Bengals....and at least THAT is something worth looking forward to (if you’re a Steelers fan - lol). I have to say that I am pretty happy with myself recently as far as running is concerned. My trainer always told me that “if exercise is a tool, then running is your sledgehammer.” Based on my own personal results I can’t argue with that...and it is the one area I have really been trying to improve upon lately. The mini-triathalon I want to be in next September in Cooperstown, NY includes a 4-mile run, so getting my legs under me now is probably a good idea. Well I am also happy to report that I am getting there. Woke up a little later than usual this morning. Trust me, when your trek to the train is more than 2 miles, every second counts. In typical “me” fashion I lost track of time and left my house 8 minutes later than I should have. That’s a LOT when you’re on a timer. So to make up the time I had lost, I decide to jog most of the way...in my jeans and collared shirt...with my bag strapped to my back.

Not fun at all...but by the time I got to the station I had turned 8 minutes late into 5 minutes early....not bad. After working all day during our November deadline, then going to visit my mom in the rebab center where she is fighting a dragon of her own....and then stopping to pick up the rest of Meghan’s Halloween costume on the way home...and THEEEEN getting my crazy little girl to stop movin’ long enough to fall asleep...the last thing I wanted to do was work out. But every day counts...and a wise man once told me that it is the days that you want to do it the least....that you need to do it the most. Soooooo....I forced myself very reluctantly to pump my little legs through another quick mile-long jog...followed by this evening’s most recent round of P90X. Night four is yoga. Now no disrespect to my trainer’s better half Monika (my own personal yoga guru at one time) or to anyone in that field at all....but yoga night is definitely my LEAST favorite P90X night. Believe me when I tell you that I am not meant....to be bent. Ha ha ha. I understand though. Yoga means flexibility and strength...two of the four components of fitness (the other two being potatoes and cheese of course. oh wait...scratch that! LOL). I want to be fit all the way around...so I endured my two runs for the day...and my hour and a half of (shudder) yoga. And now....it’s MILLER TIME! ha ha ha ha.....kidding. Just making sure you are paying attention. It is time for bed. My alarm will be blaring in a few short hours. Hey, at least tomorrow is Friday! Have a good night all.....until we meet again!