Have you ever had one of those weekends where you blink on Friday and then all of a sudden it is almost Monday again? Well I am right smack in the middle of one of those particular weekends right now. No need to fight against it I suppose....or waste time trying to figure out how two full days snuck past me the way they did. Instead, I think I will just settle in, take a quick stroll down memory lane here with you fine folks and recap the events of the weekend so far....as much as I remember of them anyway. Now that I have officially joined the “over 40 club” my mind isn’t quite what it used to be....ha ha ha ha. Sunday is a much easier day to recall at the moment....since I am still living through it as I type this evening’s entry out. Saturday was the blurrier of the two, big time. seems to me that I was running around like a chicken (or a duck in my case) without a head from the minute I got up. Got some stuff done around the house early, then let lori sleep in as I headed to Queens for some family time with Meghan riding shotgun by my side. It goes without saying that right out of the gate it was a good day for me, because “Daddy-Meggy” days are my favorite. I dragged my poor little girl all over Ridgewood and Astoria...then to part of Long Island.....before heading back home (finally for her). She was a trooper though...and she always manages to make me laugh. The kid is definitely wise beyond her years....and a little crazy too. Needless to say she reminds me of.....hmmm...oh yeah, ME! Lol. Anyway, we got home early Saturday night with just enough time for me to eat, shower, change, hope BACK into my beloved new van and drive aaaaallllll the way back into the city to work job number two. Crawled through the door at about 4:30am...wishing my day was officially over....but knowing that it wasn’t yet.

Still had to get my workout in for the day...so down to the man cave I went for Day 6 of P90X. Kenpo....definitely my favorite of the disks so far. Always been a HUGE fan of the martial arts....and this workout was loaded with lots of punching, kicking, moving and screaming (I tried to keep that to a minimum though, considering the time of the morning). Mentioned to my co-worker that I was was going home to work out at that time of the day. He told me I was crazy....but in a good way. I THINK he meant that as a compliment. :) Well I dragged my weary old bones up the stairs and into bed at about 6am. And then.....everything quickly went dark on me.....zzzzzzzzzz. Woke up at around the crack of noon.....dreaming of a nice relaxing day of food and football. Ahhhhhh.....it’s nice to dream....lol. I did listen to the games on radio, but there is always just too much going on for me to be sitting around. Spent the bulk of my day cleaning out my garage. It will be nice to know that if the cold weather ever actually does get here (80 degrees and humid yesterday - seriously?) that we will be able to fit a car in there like we are supposed to. Lori whipped up an AWESOME quiche that was light, delicious and perfect for me for dinner. Then before you know it I was back in the city working again. Just got home a little while ago, around 3:30 or so. And because there is just nooooo rest for the weary....as soon as I wrap up here I will be back in the basement again. Day 7 of P90X is light stretching.....no impact....the “easy day” they say. yeah, like I am falling for that old scam. Ha ha ha. Well whatever it holds, I know that I will be ready for it. When I am done I will probably just have enough time to shower, get dressed, whip up some egg whites for breakfast, and head out on my two mile walk to the LIRR to get me to work again. Still a really productive weekend all around. Feeling accomplished....but already looking forward to crashing out after work early.

Hope everyone reading this had a great weekend too. Also hope you got more sleep than I did.....lol. Oh and before I sign off, been getting so much positive feedback from people after reading my most recent blogs (the poem and the ones about Meghan and Matt to be specific). Thanks to everyone who stops by to read my posts.....and to anyone who has gone out of their way to comment to me about them. Really appreciate it!