Ahhhhhh...my favorite time of year is right around the corner once again. I can feel it in the air. Fall, or autumn as I guess it is technically called, has always been my favorite season by far. The weather gets a little chillier, but not unbearable. The fall usually means that the holidays are on their way too...and I absolutely LOVE the holidays. And last but never least. the fall brings football season back to me once again. So while the calendar will try to tell me that we still have another two weeks or so of summer, all of the familiar signals around me say something different. Felt good to check out a little bit of the Packers-Saints game earlier tonight. I am absolutely chomping at the bit as I countdown the three remaining days until my Steelers take the field on Sunday and kick off their own season against their most notorious rivals from Baltimore. I really wish I knew what it was about football season that gets me going the way that it does, but I stopped trying to figure it out a long time ago. As one of my closest friends always tells me..."don't think, just KNOW it!" Lol. When I was a kid I used to dream of being a Steeler great like Jack Lambert, Terry Bradshaw and Franco Harris one day. Of course those dreams never came true for me. But I still love the game as much as I ever did...and I love that Meghan likes to sit and watch with me on Sundays too. Any Daddy-Meggy moment to me is a GREAT moment!

And back to reality now. I think I am FINALLY getting close to having my back completely healed. This morning I got in my daily 2 mile walk to the train. Not the easiest feat to accomplish when your lower back is barkin at'cha. Happy to say I made it though. I am giving myself one...just ONE more night off in the workout department. Going to finish up this evening with some light stretching and then a good, long night's sleep...something I definitely don't get enough of lately. I am hoping that tomorrow I will be back to my normal, cheery and bendy self! Never thought that I could ever miss working out as much as I do...but it is what it is. I know from experience that there are a whoooooole lot of things that are worse for you to get addicted to! Lol. Okay, time for me to finish up now and get to bed. Still plenty to take care of before I get where I need to be tonight. Reeeeeaaaaaallly looking forward to coming down off the shelf tomorrow: Even after only three days, it might as well be a million. Definitely not used to just sitting around.. All good things to those who wait they say...and I can be as patient as anyone else.

Goodnight all. Cheer up...the weekend is right around the corner once again!!!