As a person who is striving to get himself to a more fit place, both physically and emotionally, I find myself constantly looking for new challenges in my life. That is one of the biggest differences between the “old” me and the “new” me...the way that I look at the world around me and the opportunities that it provides. There was a time when I would go out of my way to try and make every little instance as easy as possible on me. Sometimes without even realizing I was doing it. Simple stuff, like taking an escalator or elevator instead of the stairs, taking a cab instead of walking, sitting in front of the TV instead of doing ANYTHING physical. I would also always manage to find a way to justify my actions with reasons that seemed legitimate at the time (too tired, long day, stressed out and my personal favorite, “I work hard all day so I deserve to relax when I can.”)...but deep down I think I always knew that I was just making excuses and taking the easy....or the lazy....way out. I realized recently that over the past year or two I have changed that philosophy completely. As a general rule I try to get in SOME kind of exercise every single day. But if I can take something that life has thrown at me and turn it into some EXTRA form of physical activity throughout the course of my day, then those are just bonus points....and how can something with the word “bonus” in it be anything but good right? LOL. So nowadays I will find myself on the stairs before I realize I had made the choice. Trips to the store become “walks” instead of drives. I will run to cross the street before the light turns red (just to see if I can make it - and I always do).

And call me cheap if you want to, but I am never EVER in a cab anymore unless it is an absolute emergency. As far as other physical challenges go, I embraced the chance to run a 5K inside Yankee Stadium this past summer (my 2nd time doing it) and I finally conquered the Warrior Dash a few months back as well. The question now is, “what’s next?” I find myself asking that one alot, which is a good thing. I am always on the lookout for any and all types of physical challenges. Please feel free to send any suggestions my way if you come across something that sounds interesting. I am up for just about anything. I realized that fact just about a week ago, when I mentioned to my trainer and friend Jonathan that I saw an ad in Men’s Health magazine for a “mini-triathalon” out on the California coast in Malibu. It consists of a 1/2 mile swim....a 4 mile run....and a 13 mile bike ride. I know....sounds tiring just thinking about it, right? Ha ha ha. The cool thing is that I KNOW I can do it. Maybe not right this second. But it isn’t until next September, which would give me almost a full year to train for it. Upon sharing this news with Jonathan, not only was he supportive of it, but he DARED me to do it. Now I don’t know where you’re from...but in my Astoria, Queens neighborhood growing up we took our dares seriously. Of course it didn’t have the jaw-dropping effect of a double or triple dog dare....but it certainly got my attention. LOL. So for now I am dealing with my beloved new P90X (day 9 starts tonight - plyometrics - JUMP TRAINING!)....and it looks like I have a date with a beach in Malibu next year. Can’t wait to see what opportunities will pop up in front of me between now and then. Whatever they might be...I will be ready for them.