First off, let me just apologize for the super late post today. I am generally a pretty busy person. I try really hard to keep all of the different aspects of my life separate from one another. Some days that's easier said than done. There are even those rare occasions where one part of my life overlaps another. It doesn't happen ALL the time…but it certainly does happen. Do I enjoy these days? Hell no. But over the years I have just learned to deal with it. As my dad used to say, “It be that way sometimes.” Dad has a way with words. Amazing he never went to college, huh? Ha ha ha. Just kiddin' Papa Mac. Well as many of you know, I work two jobs. My regular 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday gig at PARENTGUIDE News. That is my primary source of income and the one that is near and dear to my heart. And not just because I have been working there since the Dead Sea was just sick either. LOL. Then there is job number two. A part-time affair that is usually done over two weekends each month. But with the holiday weekend coming up in a few days I am pushing to get things done a little faster than usual…so I went out to work tonight on a rare Tuesday evening. To recap my past 24 or so hours, I was up at 5am to work at PARENTGUIDE and put in my regular 9am-5pm shift. From there I headed into Queens to visit with my mom for a little while. Then caught the 7pm LIRR train from Woodside to Ronkonkoma. That got me through the front door of my house at about 8:30pm.

Spent a little (very little unfortunately) quality time with Lori and Meghan, scarfed down an egg white omlette with a whole grain English muffin on the side (don't be jealous – HA!) and was out the door at 9:30pm to head into the city for job #2. Just crawled through the door at about 3am and realized that I never got to post my blog today...OY! And here we are…3:30 on Wednesday morning…sacrificing some much needed sack-time to bang out Tuesday's blog post. Some would call me stupid (many have). I prefer dedicated. Anyone who has ever been on a diet has one area that they aren't quite as strong in as another. Some people are good in the gym but not so good when it comes to food. Others can deal with eating less but hate to work out. For me if there is an area that I am particularly weak in it is when it comes to sleep. I like to make sure that everything I needed to do for the day is done before I crawl into bed…and unfortunately that means that some days I don't get to crawl into bed at all. I admit it's a problem. I'm working on it. At least I can take comfort in the fact that all of my hard work makes it possible for me to have the office I am typing this out in, the playroom and the backyard that Meghan absolutely loves, and the man cave that I will be working out in as soon as I log off with you. Well that's my story for now. Sorry folks, they won't all be gems. Please keep in mind that I haven't slept yet.

I promise to get my blog done MUCH earlier tomorrow. Well, make that today actually. Have a good one…talk to you again soon!

Starting Weight - 225 pounds

Current Weight - 224 pounds

Goal Weight - 199 pounds

Projected Date to Hit Goal Weight - September 19th, 2011