I have to admit that I both love it and hate it when something happens that makes me realize how quickly Meghan is growing up. On one hand, she is rapidly becoming her own person and getting more and more independent. Which is a really good thing. But on the other hand, she is rapidly becoming her own person and getting more and more independent. Which can also feel like a really BAD thing!

We recently returned from a four-day getaway to California. We love it there. We spend time just outside of San Diego, and there is always plenty to do. The primary reason for this particular trip was that some dear old friends of mine were christening their adorable twins.

The 7-month-old beauties are named Colin and Emily. It was great to watch Meghan with the babies. At only 6 years old, she is incredibly nurturing and just can't seem to get enough of newborns. While the house we were celebrating in was being overrun with kids of all ages tearing up everything from the front lawn to the backyard, Meghan seemed more at home sitting in the living room with one of the babies on her lap. I was really impressed with how gentle she was around them too, considering this is a kid with enough brute strength to knock over a full-grown adult. Believe me, I have seen it happen. It's actually pretty funny as long as you are not the adult.

The utter pride and happiness in Meghan's face when baby Emily fell asleep in her arms is something I would pay to see again. But the moment that especially sticks out in my mind happened when we got home. We took the red-eye back so that we could stay as long as possible in California on our last day. While we were waiting for our luggage after landing at 5am, I glanced over at Meghan. Her eyes were slits with little circles from not having slept much on the plane. She didn't complain once though. No tantrums or demands to be carried. And when I pulled her little suitcase on wheels off the carousel and put it in front of her, she simply pulled the handle out and started walking towards the door.

I trailed a few steps behind Meg and her mom. And while I was truly impressed with how grown up my daughter has become in almost seven years, I couldn't help but think about how things would be in just a few more years. I pictured Meghan as a confident young adult, wheeling her suitcase through the airport all by herself. Not needing me or anyone else to get her wherever she might be going. As a parent, thoughts like that tend to fill me with both incredible pride and terrible sadness. But luckily for me, that day is still a long way down the road. For now, Meghan still needs her daddy and I wouldn't want it any other way.