Finally...after what seems seems like an eternity, I am able to get back online and access my server again. Which means we get to chat again. Well, I get to chat...you get to read. Either way I missed you guys....and that is the truth. Believe me when I tell you this little break from blogging was NOT my idea...and I hope we don't go through it again anytime soon. I am really enjoying the opportunity to get things off my chest, to share my thoughts and experiences with other people (if there are any out there reading this. lol) and of course, to get my creative juices flowing at least once a day too. Unfortunately, not a whole lot has changed with me since last we corresponded. I am doing my best to enjoy the long holiday weekend so far. I have been working my second job just about every night since Thursday though, so I haven't had as much recreation time as I would like. What I HAVE been enjoying for the past few days now is DEFINITELY the P90X system. Just completed day number 6 and I am without a doubt a lifelong fan. I know it might sound a little corny, but in the past two or so years as I have lost the bulk of my weight there have been a few particular instances that will always stand out for me as moments that helped to change my life (for the better of course). I think that down the road, P90X is going to be one of those things too. Some nights have been harder than others...but I am doing it.

I finish up each DVD (most are an hour - and hour and fifteen minutes) absolutely soaked...but feeling great at the same time. It seems to me that as you go along, the DVD's alternate from cardio and "physical" movements one day to weights the next. Friday night was yoga...an hour and a half of yoga. I learned a long time ago from Monika, my trainer Jonathan's better half, that while the word "yoga" might sound simple...the moves definitely aren't. I do have to thank her though...because without all of the sessions we put in together, I might not have lived through Friday's P90X yoga session to tell the tale (so thanks Moni!). Saturday it was a combo of back and legs (which STILL hurt by the way)...followed by the torturous (just kidding...sort of) "Ab Ripper X." And tonight I just got done with Kenpo. Think Tae Bo...but super-sized. Like I said, it is only day 6 so far, but I am without a doubt a fan. I wish I could fast forward 84 days to the end...just to see the results. I know this is going to take me to another level. I can just feel it. I will keep you posted as we go along as always. Time to crash out for me. So glad I am back up and running with my blog. I know I said it already too, but you're going to hear it again. I missed ya!

Before I sign off...two quick items to mention. First off...because she loves being "shouted out," I would like to confirm with Miss Keri Lynn Fontana (Harper) that my server was definitely NOT down out of shock over Yankees starter A.J. Burnett getting a win the other night. That was his 9th of the season by the way, which is two more than both Pelfrey AND Dickey, and just one less than Capuano...I'm just sayin. :) And second...I want to wish my wife Lori a VERY Happy Anniversary. Can't believe it is seven years already. Thanks for putting up with me every day!