Man did this day go by fast. Nighttime is almost upon us already on a way-too-busy Sunday. That also means that my first week back in the fitness trenches is just about in the books. Tomorrow morning I will get up for work bright and early as always. But before I take my usual two-mile walk to the train, and before I even set foot in the shower really, I will be stepping on the scale to check out my progress so far. Hopefully there will be some. Ha ha ha. Buying a scale was one of the biggest personal barriers that I ever broke down when it came to losing weight. For the longest time I lied to myself by saying that as long as I was working hard and trying to make the right choices…I really didn't need a scale. In my personal experience the harsh truth is that you need that scary little reality check every week.I do anyway. It's a shame to still be saying it at this point in my life, but some of the decisions I make at the table are directly linked to the fact that I don't want to see that number on the scale going in the wrong direction come Monday morning. Especially when I have to report it back to you guys reading this.

Nooo thank you. I'll take a salad and a workout any day. Lol. Looking over my food journal for the week I am about 99 percent sure I am going to see a loss this week. I was good with my meals…never more than 2,000 calories for the day. I made sure to get my workouts in too. Got something in every single day actually. Made sure to push it a little harder today too…since the scale awaits tomorrow. Got up bright and early and decided to make breakfast for the family. The supermarket is a good two-and-a-half miles from my house. And since anyone can walk it, I decided to see if I still had it in me to run that long a distance. As it turns out, I did…great to find that out. Walked back from the store and burned off a grand total of almost 1,000 calories…before most of my friends and family were even out of bed. Kept myself busy all day and will be heading down to the man cave for a quick workout before heading to job number two tonight. Let me tell you…if for some crazy reason I DON'T lose weight tomorrow it sure as hell won't be for lack of trying!

Have a great night folks. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Thanks again for checking in with me. I'll update you tomorrow on my early morning meeting with the scale!

Starting Weight - 225 lbs

Goal Weight - 199 lbs

Projected Date to Hit Goal Weight - September 19th, 2011