Wheeeeeeew! So is it hot enough for everyone out there the past few days or WHAT!?! This morning my faithful companion Matt and I were walking to the LIRR bright and early as usual. Six o'clock in the morning and the air felt like a second skin wrapped around me...and we're both dripping with sweat. NOT a fun way to start off your day. Let me tell you, by the time we gott on the shuttle to Ronkonkoma I found myself wanting to campaign to have a statue built in honor of the man who invented air conditioning...whomever that wonderful wonderful genius of a person may be (I really don't know his name). The guy DEFINITELY deserves a statue to say the very least.. I am all for helping make it happen too. You know...as soon as it cools off a little maybe. Ha ha ha. Anyway, the funny thing about how brutal my walk felt this morning is that there was still a small part of me that knows that I was getting off easy. Maybe I am getting extra nostalgic now that I have passed the 40th birthday mark. Maybe it was a slight case of heatstroke this morning, but I found myself thinking back to the very first summer that my trainer Jonathan and I spent together. Back then there were a few more of us. My wife Lori, my best friend Donna, even Jonathan's better half Monika got into the act from time to time.

For some reason that particular summer all of us found ourselves free on Friday afternoons. So that became infamously known as our "Blowout Day!" We would meet up in the early afternoon...just when the sun was at its hottest. We would start our session by walking (and jogging) a special area in Queens known to us as "The HIlls." It was about a 4 or 5 block walk...and the way the Hills worked was simple. You go up one side of a block...then down the other side. Then up the next block...and down the other side. Wash, rinse, repeat...you get the idea. When you get to the last block and fool yourself that you are done...you turn around and do it all over again until you find yourself back at your original starting point. Now on a blog that might not sound like much. But trust me: steep hills...sweltering summer heat...me with an extra hundred and something pounds on me (I was only just starting my jounrey then mind you). Trust me when I tell you it was NOT easy. And that was just our warm up people. From there we drove to the gym...our own little garage/steam bath turned sanctuary that Jonathan and I put together ourselves. We started with about a half hour to 45 minutes of ab work for everyone. Rapid fire stuff too. One exercise after another. Keep moving and moving and moving...that was the key.

I can feel myself getting tired just writing about it. When that was done we rested...but only for a few minutes. Silly fools...that was only two-thirds of Blowout Day. There are still plenty of weights to be llifted. So after another hour or so with the weights...pounds of sweat poured off of us....gallons of water poured ONTO us just to get through...we would leave there feeling spent, rubber-legged...and pretty damn good about ourselves. I must admit too that as seriously rough as some of those July and August sessions got....looking back they are some of the most productive and fun moments of my whole experience. So whenever I have a day like today or a night like tonight where I am out sweatily pounding the steaming summer asphalt...I think back fondly and tell myself "at least it's not blowout day." Little things like that help me get through, what can I tell ya? The truth of it all though is this...in life it is always important to look at the big picture. I wouldn't be here...if I never showed up there. And as tough as some of my days feel lately....I won't get to my goal one day (soon) if I don't put the work in now. That also goes for anyone reading this who thinks they can keep putting their own journey off until tomorrow or the next day. The truth is always a simple one. You are either doing it or you're not.

You'll never cross the finish line if you don't get yourself out of the starting gate. This has been your public service announcement for the day...lol. Well that's it for me. Sorry for the extra long post tonight. I tend to ramble when I am reminiscing. :)

I will definitely try to keep it simple from now on. Anyway, the weekend is here after tomorrow and I for one can't wait. Thanks so much to everyone and anyone who has been checkin out this little blog of mine. I genuinely do appreciate your support!

Until Tomorrow...

Starting Weight - 225 pounds

Current Weight - 220 pounds

Goal Weight - 199 pounds

Total Weight Loss So Far - 5 pounds

Projected Date to Hit Goal Weight - September 19th, 2011