Barely a full week back into this personal little journey of mine, and I am quickly reminded that the weekends are going to be the toughest for me to deal with. It is easy to be "safe" during the week when you are at work. I eat breakfast in the morning before I leave....usually egg whites or oatmeal with fresh fruit. All about the protein these days. I pack my lunch to go lunch. So far it has been salads. Lots and lots of salads (Don't be jealous) with a little chicken or tuna thrown in to liven things up. I'll also toss in a snack to get me through the day. Fat free yogurt, granola bar, fruit, etc. It's a good way to save me the trouble of going out to get lunch every day. Not to mention a great way to avoid paying Manhattan/Park Avenue prices. But most of all, I am realizing all over again that aside from being economical as hell, "brown-baggin" my meals during the work week is the perfect way to avoid the temptation of eating all of the foods that I might want…but know I shouldn't have. With the summer just about in full swing again, you can smell food cooking on barbecue grills all over my new Long Island neighborhood.

At just about any given time of day I might add. And while I am traditionally not a red-meat kinda guy anymore…there is just something about burgers and steak being prepared on the grill. Now THAT is a smell that women should bottle and wear as perfume…I guarantee men would find it totally irresistible! “Mesquite…for Women.” MMMMMMM. Ha ha ha. But with my first weekend back on track just about half-way done (Saturday is almost in the books as I write this entry)…I am standing strong. Even went to a barbecue with Meghan today. Thank you Matt and Sylvia…you were the hosts with the most as always! Ahhhhh how the times change. Used to be I would get ready for a barbecue and cows, pigs and chickens anywhere in the city limits would tremble. Lucky for them I am much different person now. I played it safe today with salad, a burger with no bun, part of a pork chop in honor of the chef who went to the trouble of preparing it (Sandra!), and some fresh strawberries for dessert. Not what most people would choose for their barbecue fare…but I am not most people anymore…sadly. J

Sorry for the late post tonight folks. This day just flew on by. I am heading down to the basement in a little while to get my exercise in for the night. My beloved “man-cave” that I will tell you all about another time. Have my first weigh-in on Monday Morning and I will be ready…g'nite!

Starting Weight - 225 lbs

Goal Weight - 199 lbs

Projected Date to Hit Goal Weight - September 19th, 2011