I have never been a big fan of the summer months. Some people would call me crazy, but it is just waaaay too hot for my taste. I have always better appreciated the fall and spring. Those seasons aren't too hot or too cold. They're just nice and comfortable somewhere right in the middle. But that all changed after my daughter Meghan was born. Where I used to see the summer as this unbearable time that was associated with blazing heat and stifling humidity, now I look at it as a time for fun and adventure as a family.

The summer of 2010 has barely begun, and already Meghan has taken mini-vacations to California and Pennsylvania. She has walked the beach in San Diego, burned through all of the rides and attractions at Legoland, made some great new friends in Pennsylvania and developed a lobster-style sunburn in the pool at her great uncle's house in New Jersey. That is only the beginning.

When my siblings and I were growing up, our family didn't have the money for summer camps or big vacations. Our parents pretty much counted on us to amuse ourselves from the end of June through Labor Day Weekend. We were booted out of the house first thing every morning, had to be back before it got dark every night and were rarely seen in between. There were some really good memories, of course. However, as a parent, you always want your kids to grow up having more than you had. And my wife and I try to make every summer more special for Meghan than the last. So on top of our daughter's trip out west and her weekends in Pennsylvania and New Jersey this summer, Meghan will be kept happily busy with friends in Cincinnati, watching the Steelers in Pittsburgh (daddy's summer getaway) and visiting Disney in Florida. She will also be enjoying plenty of activities at a local summer camp program. And by the time Meghan starts 2nd grade in the fall, we are hoping that our little girl needs a vacation from her summer vacation.

Now THAT is the sign of a great summer!