It's hard to believe that we are already about halfway through the summer of 2009. At the end of the spring, as our daughter's first kindergarten experience came to an end, my wife and I promised each other that we would make the most of this summer, doing our best to ensure that our daughter Meghan did NOT spend all her time off at home in front of the TV. When I was a kid, every morning before leaving for work, my parents would literally kick my brother, sister and me out of the house and tell us not to come home until dinner was ready. And, even with no money in our pockets, that was never a problem. But the world today is a little different, and because you can't just kick a 5-year-old out into the streets to play every morning, Lori and I have to look for other ways to keep our little girl occupied. So far, Meghan has spent her summer mornings in a camp program, her afternoons mixed between swimming and taking karate, and her early evenings in yet another camp program. She is happily doing more now than she would be during the course of the school year, and I really think when the school year arrives in a few weeks, Meghan will actually need a vacation from her summer vacation!