A week or so ago, I posted a quote in my blog about how you can get addicted to working out once you get started. The original quote was from a comedian I like, but I would still have to say that that is the truth for me so far. I have good days and bad days like everyone else. But I definitely love the feeling I get from a good workout. I also try to make sure that I do SOMETHING physical every day (take that any way you want - lol). What I mean is, whether it be an “official” full-blown workout in the gym, a run or something as simple as a walk, I definitely try to keep myself moving in the right direction every single day. The days that I have really come to appreciate are the ones when I can get something in twice in the same day. There is a certain sense of pride that I feel in knowing that I made the effort to start and end my day with some exercise. Especially on a day where life would usually tend to get in the way. Anyone can do it when they have the day off. But what about when your day is loaded with busy work schedules, family commitments, errands to run, etc. Then it becomes a little more difficult. Those are the days when you get to see just how badly you want to be doing this. I am happy to say that yesterday was one of those days for me. I worked my second job the evening before and found myself spending the night in Queens. Since I finished working with just enough time to run home, shower, change and head back out the door to the city, sleep became a casualty for me once again. As tired as I was though, I didn't want to lose out on my early morning walk. It is becoming part of my regular routine now and I think it is a really good way to start off my day. “Start your furnace burning early” as my trainer would say.

Now it dawned on me at some point that it had been awhile since I walked across the 59th Street Bridge. It also dawned on me that if walking two miles in the morning is a good start, then walking 5 miles is a GREAT one. So I drove into Sunnyside, parked my beloved new work van under the 7 train and proceeded to walk from Queens Boulevard over the bridge and down Second Avenue to my office here between 28th and 29th Street on Park. With a change of clothes strapped to my back of course. Even first thing in the morning it was muggy as hell. If you're keeping score, that's five miles...750 calories burned (endomondo is an app I highly recommend, by the way). Definitely a good start to the day. Then I somehow managed to be productive at work all day, went to visit my mom after and took the seemingly endless drive home. How my eyes stayed open I may never know. Spent some much needed quality time with Lori and Meg too. I think at that point it would have been fair enough to call it a day. For a more rational person maybe...lol. Instead of heading towards the stairs leading to my nice comfy bed, I headed to the basement steps instead. Forced myself through a “quick” workout consisting of push-ups, sit-ups and squats. Followed by a whoooole buncha reps with light weights. Crawled up the stairs when all was said and done...and only then was it time to finally call it a night. YAAAWWWWNN! Excuse me, got tired all over again just thinking about it...HA! And speaking of all over again. I was up and at `em bright and early today. Back walking my 2 miles to the LIRR. The question is, do I have enough in me to end my evening in the basement again tonight too?

For the answer to that question I'm afraid you will have to check in tomorrow. I would say the odds look pretty good though. What will YOU be doing tonight?

Thanks for checkin in....enjoy your evening. Until tomorrow...

Starting Weight - 225 pounds

Current Weight - 222.5 pounds

Goal Weight - 199 pounds

Total Weight Loss So Far - 2.5 pounds

Projected Date to Hit Goal Weight - September 19th, 2011