Sitting here at my computer at home with the clock coming up on midnight. When "the witching hour" finally gets here, it will signal the official start of Friday, and the end of another week. I gotta tell ya, I am happy to see it go. This has really been a rough one. I know we all have our tough times, so I won't bore you with mine. Let's just say that I am reeeeaaaaallly looking forward to the weekend. Had a lot of things come together all at once this week. At home, at work, all around. Weeks like that can seem overwhelming sometimes. They can definitely make it hard to keep up with what has become your "normal" daily routine. Walking, working out, eating right, counting calories, blogging about it...good luck finding the time. But as my trainer Jonathan says, "if it was easy, everyone would be doing it." So here I am at the end of the week...staying the course. It definitely wasn't easy and believe me when I tell you I will be happy to not have another week like this one for quite some time. Even I have my Well the reins did loosen up a bit on my current hectic schedule and I was able to get back to doing some of the things that make me feel good and accomplished. First off, I left work and caught the shuttle train from Ronkonkoma to Medford...which meant that I was able to walk home again. Always enjoy the days when I get to walk the 2.5 miles to AND from work.

I think I mentioned this once before too, but I recently found a "back way" to my house from the train station. It adds a quarter-mile to my walk, as well as ten extra minutes, AND it is naturally that is the route I took home Burned a total of 407 calories...a definite plus. The cupboards are kinda bare at the house til the weekend, so I used what we had and whipped up a quick omlette for dinner (2 eggs, 1 slice of cheese, tomatoes, onion and mushrooms.....mmmmmmmm....and all for less than 250 calories) Added some veggies and a multi-grain english muffin with it too...and it might not be the fanciest meal ever, but it was low cal, high in protein, and it tasted GOOD. Lori and Meg were stil out with the in-laws when I was done, so I took advantage of the rare free time and headed down to the man cave for a long-overdue workout. I have kept myself active all week, believe me...but I haven't been able to focus on a real, serious, "traditional" workout in a few days...and it was driving me So I banged out a set of sit-ups, push-ups, squats and leg raises (with the cards!) and added 150 reps with the weights to wrap it all up. I am feeling it already and I am going to sleep WELL tonight folks. Like I said, even I have my limits. It is a good kinda tired though..and I definitely earned the sleep I am going to head up to get right now.

Good Night All...Until Tomorrow...

Starting Weight - 225 pounds

Current Weight - 218.5 pounds

Goal Weight - 199 pounds

Total Weight Loss So Far - 6.5 pounds

Projected Date to Hit Goal Weight - September 19th, 2011