Ahhhhhhh, feels good to be back! Hope that anyone reading this missed me as much as I have missed you. It is really amazing how things can get away from you so quickly. Even when you think you have your stuff together. Even when you’ve come as far as I have over the past few years. This realization started a few weeks ago when I was informed that my company was changing over the server that handled our web site. We wouldn’t be allowed to post anything new for a few days while all of our data was transferred....a week at the latest. I wasn’t thrilled with that decision, because I had made my blog a part of my daily routine by then. Not to mention the fact that writing it every day has become a sort of therapeutic release for me. But it was what it was. No sense in stressing over something I couldn’t control. I would just wait it out “patiently” (kinda) and get right back online as soon as I got the green light here at work.

Well I got the green light about a week or so ago....and as you can tell....this is my first day back. I will also admit that I am FORCING myself to get back on track again. I am really sort of surprised at myself here. Thought I had left the bulk of my bad habits behind me.....procrastinating on personal stuff like this among them. Apparently I still have some issues though. But like I said earlier in this post...no sense in whining over what I can’t control. What I CAN do however, is push myself to get back in the fight and keep on moving forward. So this is where we start. In the next few days I am going to be setting some new personal goals where my weight is concerned, adding some new photos (see the pic at the top....I really don’t look like that anymore), catching you up on the events of the past few weeks....and most importantly....moving forward. Hope you’ll check in once in awhile to see how I am doing. It’s definitely good to be back.

Happy 20th birthday to my nephew Cory by the way. Enjoy the day and the year....they go by faster than you can imagine.