Had a fun and interesting day today. What started out like any other day for me turned into a nostalgic look back at my past. Not to mention a few good memories for the present and future. If you have been keeping score, then you know that this past week has kind of been a hellacious one for me. Personally, professionally, healthy-wise, sleep-wise, money-wise, family-wise...it was pretty rough all around. So my illustrious boss decided to reward my tireless efforts by giving me a rare day off. No camp programs, birthday parties or other previous engagements for my social butterfly of a daughter today either...which is also a rarity these days...so Lori, Meghan and I decided to join three more of my favorite people for a few hours at the beach. Come on now...I'm not the biggest beach person around...but it was me and five girls. Even Tom Hanks' character in Castaway would deal with one more day in the sand for that kinda ratio...lol. We went to Riis Park, right near Rockaway...and for the life of me I couldn't tell you if that area is considered Queens, Brooklyn or what (and I spent a good part of my life there...but it was always just ROCKAWAY...no questions asked). Well we packed up some snacks and some drinks (I brought yogurt to the beach...and I don't CARE if it looked weird...lol)...and while we were driving there it dawned on me that it has been EONS since I was there last. When we were kids, my parents worked like dogs to support my brother, my sister and I. Probably took that for granted when I was younger. But having a child of my own nowadays I truly appreciate what they went through with three. Now because they worked so hard during the week, we were usually on our on to make our own fun on the weekends. Out the door when the sun came up...be home when the streetlights come on. Watch your brother and sister....don't get arrested...don't get killed. Oh yeah...and have a good time. Sound advice to give any child. But anyway, every once in awhile in the summers, my dad would get the itch to go to the beach...or a friend's parent would and we would be invited along...

...and Rockaway is usually where we ended up. So it was an amazing feeling that came over me today as I got onto Cross Bay Boulevard. We hit the bridge to Broad Channel...the same one I had crossed a hundred times before as a kid...and suddenly it was just like I was there all over again. The old men fishing off the bridge, the sounds of sea gulls in the air, the smell of the salt water, all the loose garbage blowing across the sand...it's like I never left! ha ha ha ha. I actually love days like that. The ones that take you back to your childhood unexpectedly...but in a good way. And the coolest part of all is that now I am re-living all of those moments with my own daughter. When we were kids, our parents' friends used to joke that my brother and I must be part fish, because whether it was at a pool, a lake or the beach, you could always find us in the water...til the food came out that is. Sad to admit...but hard to deny. Some things never change apparently. Because while Lori (and Keri and Rosemary...that's right, you're getting called out!) spent their day on the sand...Meghan and I spent just about every waking moment in the ocean...and I loved every second of it. I remember being a kid with my dad...standing about ankle deep in the water....feeling the current pulling at me...but knowing I was safe holding his hand. I hope Meghan felt that same kind of safety with me today. Ahem, even when the waves were knocking both of us on our bathing suits. Apparently I am not quite as tough as my dad was....or the waves have gotten stronger as the years have gone on. Wait, yeah...THAT must be it! Ha ha ha ha. Well we had a good day in the sun together...all of us (thank you Donna for inviting us and putting up with my dysfunctional family unitl). Now that we are home, tired and cherry red (like the fair-skinned Irish lobsters that we are)...it is time to put Meghan to bed. And then I will be heading down to the basement for a good, long workout. The perfect ending to a near-perfect day. Hope yours was good too...g'nite!

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Total Weight Loss So Far - 6.5 pounds

Projected Date to Hit Goal Weight - September 19th, 2011