Soon I’ll lay me down to sleep
Up the stairs my legs will creep
and I will crawl right into bed
where pillows await my weary head

I made it through another day
not easy but I found a way
and I might not have fame or wealth
but at least, they say, I have my health

In that I admit, I take great pride
For it has been a bumpy ride
Good health in life is not a perk
it’s earned with choices and hard work

Woke up sore and in some pain
but hiked two miles to the train
After work I walked two miles back
and made sure my diet stayed on track

To top it off and feed my crave
I headed down to my man cave
where I’d bend and stretch and even flex
as I sweated through P90X

And now that all is said and done
I rest and feel like I have won
but not too long cuz I know when
tomorrow I’ll do it all again

So that’s where I am, and where I’ve been
as always thanks for checkin in