I have to tell you folks, right at this moment I am feeling totally wiped out. Beat up from the feet up. Tore up from the floor up. A wreck up from da neck up. Ummmmmm...well, I think you get the idea. I hope so anyway, because I am out of cute little sayings...lol. It is just about 2am as I am writing tonight's little installment and I am officially DONE. Got in my two mile walk to start off the day, then after dinner (baked chicken and vegetables - yum!) I got in a leasurely mile and a half jog. That would be a good way to bookend the day for most people. Cardio in the morning...cardio in the evening. Luckily for me, I am NOT most people. After the jog I clicked on day four of my now beloved P90X series...yoga. While most of the DVD's in the set that I have encountered so far are an hour, yoga is an hour and a half for some odd, torturous reason.

Now I know that alot of people hear the word "yoga" and think, "what's the big deal? A little stretching, a little chanting and you're done." I wish...lol. It is stretching, yes. And there is a little bit of chanting if you so desire. But for the most part it is just hard work like anything else. Gotta tell ya, even after losing nearly 200 pounds in my life so far...I still don't consider myself to be very "bendy." Some of the moves were definitely pretty difficult for me to get through...but I did the best that I could. That is all they ask of you. If my mats in the basement could talk, I am sure they would have begged me to stop sweating all over them. Definitely a good all-around workout and I will crawl into bed now feeling loose and ready for dreamland. Sorry for not putting up a longer or better post tonight. They're not all going to be gems you know. LOL.

Have a good night all...thanks for lookin in on me!