Okay, here we go. My first week getting back on track is officially in the books. I think a lot of people will tell you that the hardest part of making any kind of change in your lifestyle, whether it is a big change or just a little one, is getting started. At least that is what I have found out for myself over the years, anyway. Well the good thing for me is that I finally did stop making excuses and get started. It really wasn't all that hard either. AND, my very first weigh in this morning was a successful one too I am happy to add. I had forgotten how nerve-wracking the night before a weigh-in can be for me by the way. You go through all the things you did all week in your head. All the things you ate, all the times you worked out, all the times you picked good food over bad......and there is still that little part of you that whispers "but what if I gained!?!" LOL.....it is funny how crazy we can drive ourselves. So I tried to keep that whispery, devious little voice as far away from me as possible. I told myself when the morning rolled around I would hop on the scale and just deal with the results, good or bad.

Okay, so I really just STEPPED on the scale.....no one hops anymore, come on now. But thankfully the results were good, which certainly makes it easier to deal with. I am down 3.5 pounds my first week.....which I have to say at one point in my life would have been disappointing to me.....of course I weighed around 400 lbs back then. This week however, I am VERY happy with that number. So it begins again for me....and I am also encouraging my adorable little 8 year old daughter to get herself going alongside me. You're never too young to start doing the right thing. I will give her the time, the knowledge and the attention I never had growing up where health and fitness are concerned. In a perfect world, when all is said and done in a few months I will be at my goal weight......under 200 pounds for the very first time in my adult life....and Meghan will have herself on the right track too. Then she can avoid going through all the things her daddy did when he was growing up....fingers crossed. Just taking it one step at a time for now. Talk to ya more next week.....hopefully with another positive result!

Starting Weight - 238 lbs

Weight after Week 1 - 234.5lbs

Goal Weight by June 4th (My birthday!) - 199 lbs

Total Weight Loss So Far - 3.5 lbs