I heard a really cool story tonight that I just have to share with you. Recently, my daughter Meghan went through the right of passage that all kids go through in life. She lost both of her front teeth. They had been loose for awhile but just wouldn’t come out. Then all of a sudden one fell out on Saturday, the next on Sunday. Now she has that adorable gap-toothed smile that is just beyond cute when you are a child. Not so much when you are an adult. Unless you play professional football or hockey of course. Then it is perfectly acceptable...lol. Anyway, Meghan was excited because she knows that missing teeth means a visit from the tooth fairy. Her second favorite mystical visitor behind Santa. The Easter Bunny will always be rated third I think, until the day that his baskets have a little cash in em. What can I say, money talks with Meg. Ha ha ha. So the “tooth fairy,” who is having cash flow problems of his/her own these days, still managed to come up with a nice crisp $5 bill for each of Meg’s cut little pearly whites. Meghan was ecstatic to have $10 dollars of her own. And in true McDermott fashion, she spent the first 5 bucks before you could even blink. The other bill has been tucked safely away in the little purse she carries...until tonight that is. Every Wednesday night, my wife Lori takes Meghan to a class at our local church. The pastor tells stories, the kids get to do lots of fun projects, and the parents are always kept in the loop as well. It's a lot of fun and Meghan looks forward to it. At the end, the pastor announced that they would be taking a collection for a group in the area that takes care of young kids whose families need financial assistance.

I didn’t get the exact breakdown, but the jist of it was that it was for kids that were growing up with nothing. When the collection plate got to Lori, Meghan took the $5 dollars out of her purse and put it in. My wife told her that she didn’t have to do that, and Meg replied that she didn’t think it was right that she had so much and there were kids out there who didn’t have anything at all. Lemme tell ya, it is IMPOSSIBLE to not love that little girl. Lori relayed that story to me after I had put Meghan to bed. Just before I headed down to the man cave for an hour and a half of P90X (shoulders, arms and ab night - wheeew). And without a doubt, hearing it definitely made getting through a killer workout a whole lot easier. It also reminded me that while looking better, feeling better, earning medals and having opportunities like running in Yankee Stadium are all pretty cool, it is still my daughter who motivates me more than anything in this world. The day she was born almost 8 years ago I weighed somewhere in the neighborhood of 350 pounds...a VERY dangerous neighborhood to be in. I promised myself the very first time I held her that I would do absolutely everything in my power to get myself healthier and be there for her for as many days, weeks, months and years as I could. I won’t lie to you...it took me a looooong time to finally get on that right track. But I’m there now and I’ll never look back. I won’t fool myself either. I know that every day will be a struggle for me...probably for the rest of my life. Some days will be harder than others. But Meghan will always keep me strong. And hopefully I can inspire HER to make the right choices in life so that she doesn’t ever have to struggle the way that I did. Love you honey...thanks for making every day worth getting out of bed for!