The first concert I got to see live was Billy Joel at Yankee Stadium. It was the first concert ever held at the stadium, and the perfect way to celebrate my 18th birthday. In the two decades that followed that unforgettable night, I have gone to probably a hundred more concerts. I've seen Billy about a dozen other times since our night together in the Bronx. I've ridden in a limo to catch the Rolling Stones at Giants Stadium. I nearly got into a brawl during a Phil Collins encore at the Garden, have seen Aerosmith too many times to count and was an annual fixture at the Beacon Theater every March when the Allman's came to town.

I even stood next to my wife in the blazing sun during a Metallica show in Jersey while she was eight months pregnant with our daughter Meghan. Good music, great memories. Well, I recently took the first step in creating some brand-new musical memories for my immediate family and me. I went online this past Saturday and bought tickets for my daughter's very first concert. Technically, we took her to see The Wiggles when she was 1 year old. Meghan has also been to a bunch of Sesame Street and Disney Live shows, too. But she is almost age 7, and she has been asking to go to a “real” concert since she was about 4. It is definitely in her blood.

This August, Meghan will be at Jones Beach, one of my favorite places to see live shows. She will be rocking out to The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato. It should be the summer show for the teen and under set. I will also be there, of course. So will Meghan's mom. Both of us will be enduring the music while we try to figure out how in the world Meghan has grown up so fast. Times sure have changed for me since my first concert back in 1989. That is for sure. As my brother pointed out to me recently, “You know you've gotten older when you used to buy tickets for the Allman Brothers, and now you buy tickets for the Jonas Brothers.”