Okay, I have to say that generally Mondays bite the big one as far as I am concerned. I think there are many people out there who would agree with that statement. Even if they wouldn't word it quite as crudely as I just did. LOL. Getting up for work at 4:45 this morning after having SUCH a good weekend definitely wasn't easy. Started my morning off by getting on the scale and discovering that I lost one more pound. To be honest, I lost a pound and a quarter...1.25 pounds...but the rule for me right now...in order to keep things nice and simple...is that anything I lose that is less than half a pound gets rounded down to the nearest pound...and anything between half a pound and the pound above it gets rounded down to the half. Sorry if that is confusing to you...it actually makes total sense in my head. But then I do have all those voices in there to help me sort things out. Ha ha ha. Anyway, losing another pound is both good and bad. You have heard me talk/complain/bitch about this just about every Monday now since we started this little journey together. It is good because a loss is a loss. It is bad because I feel like the effort I am putting in should show faster results. Luckily for me I am smart enough and mature enough now that I don't let things like that bother me (cough-LIAR!). I have learned to handle it better though, at least that is something positive.

Five pounds in my first month equals 60 pounds in a year (roughly) and THAT is nothing to get angry at. So I will just keep myself going and I will get where I need to be eventually. What WAS good about today is that I definitely pushed myself physically. Started out with my early morning 2-2.5 mile walk to the train. Walked for about 42 minutes and according to Endomondo burned off about 350 calories. Walked the 13 flights of stairs in my building three times today (I am never in that elevator)...and had the opportunity to walk the 2 miles BACK home from work tonight too. In fact, even in jeans and a collared shirt...carrying a bag...I decided to turn it into a walk/run. This time ...according to my beloved Endomondo app (I swear some of you will have that app before my blogging days are over!) I did it in just a bout a half-hour, but burned off about 400 calories. And with Lori and Meghan out for a little while, I ran my ever-shrinking buns RIGHT down the stairs to the man cave. Cranked out 200 reps with weights and a killer ab routine too. Crawled up the stairs soakin wet JUST as the family came through the front door. Made an egg white omlette with veggies and a multi grain english muffin for dinner, watched Monday Night RAW with Meg (love our wrestlin!), then put my little angel to bed. Now I will be wrapping this up and heading to a well-earned night's sleep myself. Definitely a good start to the week for me...even if it IS a Monday!

Thanks for checkin' in...and now...to the stats below!

Starting Weight - 225 pounds

Current Weight - 220 pounds

Goal Weight - 199 pounds

Total Weight Loss So Far - 5 pounds

Projected Date to Hit Goal Weight - September 19th, 2011