Today was my favorite type of day...for more than one reason. On the one hand, I got to have what I have effectionately come to refer to over the years as...the Daddy-Meggy day. Secondly, I got to see my own positive influence reflected in my daughter. It really doesn't get any better than that when those two things come together. Well through a random occurence that I had no control over, I was forced to leave work a 1/2 day early today. Found myself home by about 3:30...and Lori decided to take some hard-earned "alone time for mommy." That left Meg and I to fend for ourselves...and I love it when that My adorable little munckin helped me mow the front lawn, helped me set the table for dinner and also helped me prepare dinner too. In case I don't say it enough...she is totally awesome. After dinner she asked me if she could have ice cream for dessert...and while I am not really an advocate of dessert these days...I was willing to make a deal with her. I told her that she could have ONE scoop of ice cream...IF...she walked with me to get it. After a little hemmin and hawwin, she took me up on my offer. We walked a grand total of two-and-a-quarter miles to the store and back. Her dessert clocked in at 220 calories...and according to the ENDOMONDO app on my phone, she burned off 338 calories on the walk. So she was ahead of the game for the night...

...but it wasn't even about the calories at that moment. I told her she should consider herself a very lucky girl. She got to have something she really liked for dessert, she got to burn off her dinner a little, she got to have a little fun, and most importantly, these times together are getting her started off on the right path in her own life. I will admit that she wasn't quite as fleet-footed on the last two blocks as she was on the first two...but she still did it. After we got back, she joined me in the basement (man cave!) for a quick workout and some TV time. I left the cards on the side tonight and concentrated on the weights. It has been awhile since I did that. Not only was it fun, but it was totally worth it. Pushed myself through a 300-rep circuit. Kept the weight light and my body movin as I hit my chest, bi's, tri's,back and shoulders for a complete body workout that I will gladly credit my trainer Jonathan with. For those of you keeping score, that is a 2 mile walk to the train this morning, a 2 mile walk after dinner, and more than 300 reps to finish out the day. Not a bad day. Now Meg is sound asleep in her bed...our Daddy-Meggy day a great success in both of our eyes (I hope anyway - lol). ITime for me to get some rest. The night is going by way too fast and my alarm clock will be ringing before I know it to kick off the brand new day.

Thanks for checkin in folks!

Starting Weight - 225 pounds

Current Weight - 219 pounds

Goal Weight - 199 pounds

Total Weight Loss So Far - 6 pounds

Projected Date to Hit Goal Weight - September 19th, 2011